Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bryan's Anti Body ache, neck shoulder and back pain technique

I used to have serious neck, shoulder & backache. It was really bad and I need to take pain killers and muscle relaxant all the time. That was 10 years ago when I was studying in QUT Brisbane. I was very very fortunate to meet a few teachers and herbalists who taught me ways to release the pain. When I returned to Singapore, I started to share this wonderful technique during my workshops and on Channel U. The feedback has been very positive and encouraging.

Bryan's Back: c2 c3 Bone degenerated, t7, curve to right. Constant headache and migraine.

Bryan's Anti Bodyache method

Drip 1 drop of Majoram, 1 drop of Lavendula vera and 1 drop of Peppermint avenis onto a 20cent size moisturize cream. Blend with index finger and massage at the ache or tense area.

This blend can be used in times of pain, tension at neck, shoulder, back or joints pain. The oil can penetrate into the blood cell and nerves to relax and warm the area, which in turns help to improve blood flows. Certain oil has the properties of anti-inflammation and soothing, target to remove the damp energy working long term in air con office.
This is a traditional blend of warming essential oils specially formulated for active bodies. Good for common office sickness like Neck, shoulder, Knee Cap pain etc.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

pls let me known how much does Lemongrass cocohin,lavendula vera , peppermint avenis cost.


Bryan said...

Halo do email me

Anonymous said...

what type of moisturize cream?

Anonymous said...

bryan i attended ur workshop last week at Jalan Besar CC, glad u introduce this cream method to many, it helps me and my mother, is her greatest mother's day present. thank you Bryan

Oh i use normal cheap moisturiser body lotion from watson. Any cream will do

Anonymous said...

bryan i love your programme, i wish to listen more of you. Can you also tell us where to get good cream for wrinkle.


Anonymous said...

HI Bryan I heard your anti body ache method from my aunt who attended your workshop. I would like to order the above 3 oil, do i just email u, will u send to my house?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan.
I wonder can pre-mix the below & put it in a container or everytime when i want to apply i have to blend.

1 drop each; Lemongrass cocohin,lavendula vera , peppermint avenis on 20cent size moisturize cream, blend with index finger.
Lemongrass cocohin & peppermint avenis any diffrent?

Thanks, Bryan.

Bryan said...

Hi i find premix not as effective to use. But u can premix for maitanance purpose when there is realy pain, i find blend direct with cream and use fresh is the best.

U see there are many species of lemongrass and peppermint, i find this two are the best.

I spend 10 years to research of only 20 best oil and herbs for beauty and health ah.....


Anonymous said...

Being coughing since Jan 2007,seen doctor,x-ray done.

It seems to be throat irritation.any solution.

Thanks in advance.

Bryan said...

Cough too long, when beside look at lung we should also look at ur digestive system too. Do call me when free i can advice you. But lavendula vera and eucalyptus blend with vicks is good to apply at chest area daily plus simple acupressure. email me for my phone number

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan!

Where can I buy these ingredients: Lemongrass cocohin,lavendula vera , peppermint avenis. How long do we need to massage the pain areas ?

Bryan Gan said...

HI lavendula vera and those herbs oil can be purchased from me fresh, i only have it when there are workshop
u can email me at