Monday, May 21, 2007

Skin allergy, and soup for body ache.

Hi, this is my left leg and I am pointing to an acupressure point called "Xue Hai". Press this point for 6 seconds and release. Repeat the same for 2 minutes. This acupressure point helps to reduce skin allergy, pigmentation and freckles.

Worries and anxiety can result in rashes. I suggest doing hand bath with 1 drop of Lavendula vera and 1 drop of Grapefruit pink to reduce anxiety panic attack , and rashes caused by panic.

Now. allow me to share a soup recipe that is quite good for backache

Immerse 1/2 cup black bean overnight in water. Pour away the water on the second day.
Boil the black beans with 700ml of water till the beans soften. Drink this water twice a day.
Do it consecutively for 5 days and you will feel your backache recovering faster.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan, thanks for sharing with us and making effort to take pictures. You are very helpful.

Also i must say the 3 oil method for body ache helps so much, i am very thankful

yu mei ur student on saturday class

Anonymous said...

Bryan, i love the serum light weight, at first apply is oily, but once massage in, all just disappear. May be you might want to include instruction in future. Thanks.

Also i would like to order the oil for body-ache thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan i agreed with you, we dont have big big expectation for the serum. we just want to try, so dont stress i belief u product and have been using ur lavendula since 2001 at YMCA workshop, it was great and many of my friends felt better in terms of sleep and skin.

jamie YMCA class 2001

Anonymous said...

bryan i love the type 2 serum, my skin is smoother now and i can save more money ahaha, i used to go facial now, i do my DIY facial steaming and mask, my friends do see the difference.

kai li

Anonymous said...

bryan i must say the serum is good thank you. Hope you can bring in this serum and make it your own product soon.

I look forward to that.

Si yi

Anonymous said...

my daughter allergy has gone thank you so much .

madam lu

Anonymous said...

bryan the serum is very good thanks so much