Thursday, May 31, 2007

Epilepsy/FITS Panic attack and anxiety depression

After all these years of findings, I strongly believe in having health maintenance, to prevent problems before they attack.

Fits seizure is a result of an irritable focus of electrical movement in the brain that affects the normal brain functions. Seeing a doctor or neurologist is IMPORTANT. Most doctors will give anti-depressants and sedatives that affect moods and energy, thus so many people do not like to take.

If doctor prescribed you with some medicines but you stop taking it suddenly, this may cause more problems. I would advise you to consult your doctor first f you want to stop any medicine. My health remedies is something like a preventive measure. It is meant for you to stop all medical help.

Depression and anxiety attacks can be caused by a series of unhappiness and stress events accumulated in our body over a period of time. It can affect our mental abilities to calm down. It takes time to heal. I discovered that doing a hand bath with Rose geranium, Lavendula vera and Grapefruit pink can help one to calm down and relax.

Common supplements for FITs and depression anxiety people are:
a. Calcium magnesium supplements which decrease nervous irritability
b. Omega 3 fatty acid
c. Vit B complex

Acupressure and breathing exercise

  • Practice breathing exercise everyday

Breathe in deeply to the count of 6 seconds. Hold your breath for 2-3 seconds, and breathe out slowly for 6 seconds. When you inhale, must inhale slowly till belly bloat out. When exhaling, slowly squeeze out all air from belly till its flatten. Perform this exercise 7 times in the morning.

  • Aromatherapy
Recently studies have shown that ‘calming’ essential oils with established relaxation techniques can help reduce the onset of anxiety-induced seizures (Betts, 2002), and also depression.

Use 2 drops of Lavendula vera and 2 drops of Grapefruit pink in warm water for footbath or hand bath. Alternatively, 1 drop each onto tissue, smell slightly BUT DO NOT perform deep inhalation with oil.

To enhance the effect, add 1 drop of Lavendula vera and 1 drop of Grapefruit pink beside your pillow. Lie down. Rub both hands till warm and put both hands at the sides of your waist as a kind of acupressure technique to calm the body. Do this daily.


XueLi said...

Hi Lao Shi

Share with you.....

My husband had very bad shoulder ache las 2 days, i tried the remedy which u taught us during the workshop at CSC. The one using body lotion with 1 drop each of lavendura, peppermint and lemongrass. As we seldom use body lotion, so we went round Watson, guardian. NTUC... to look for a not so expensive suitable body lotion. I massage for him &...
Miracles, you know! (He's one wo seldom or rather never use essential oil b4)..immediately he feel very much better & relieved that he PRAISED YOU SO MUCH after the massage and said the money i spent on the oil is not wasted at all...hehehe
As for the serum, i am still using and i think its very good & useful too.
Aniway, lao shi, can u email us the lesson & notes we had on 19May at CSC which is not in the notes u gave to us on that day? Due to practical attention needed during class,i did not made much 'bi ji" on that day, so i hpe u can email to us when you are not so busy.

Thank you & Regards
Shirley (

Bryan said...

dearest shirley, thank you for writing in this feedbacks, you really encourage me to further my work.

I was actually very very exhausted today and numerous seminar and working long hours make me abit moody hahaha.. I am also human.

But again i find is all worth the effort. I will email the notes to you now thank you Shirley

Very touch ah,.... also another lady child recover from chronic sinus feedback too. Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi,

i need to tell u, ur 3 oil method is very effective against body pain, my mom is better. Oh i am allergy to one of the ingredient but i am ok, i use for hand bath.

I learn alot from u. Ur method really helps many people.

siao Yin

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi thanks the serum make my skin radiant after a week use.

is good thank you

li fang

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the entertaining workshop on aromatherapy and acupressure at our school yesterday, Bryan, it was very informative and fun!

Anonymous said...

HI bryan i am from Holy innocent, i love your workshop and is very informative. I bought the serum from you and today is just my third day using , is really good. my skin texture is smoother and more radiant.
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

hi Bryan lao shi

for the natural eyes mask any type of honey will do? roughly how many teaspoon is needed? my MP3's batt went flat that day so i missed that portion.

for the red/ green bean + white fungus soup can i replace the white fungus soup with hashima(xue ge)? heard that hashima has the same effect as bird nest? can nourish the skin is it true? recently i made a trip to hongkong and bought some back so was wondering if it is really effective? and what are he difference in terms of effect between red, green bean + white fungus and red bean+red dates soup? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey All,

I know my ques is abit out of the topic, but I have read comments on Bryan's serum that claim to be rather good leh! and got 2 types izit? Can any one of you kindly tell me the wht the 2 serums r for?

Thank You

Anonymous said...

I using bryan serum, u email him, and he will leave his number and he will advise you. i think above 30 years old is type 2
i am using type 2 and i must say is really good. I think the skin texture has improves alot

Sandy said...

Hi bryan...i would like to know more about serum.. wheather is it suitable for dry-skin or oily-skin.. does it have any harm if we use it the wrong way... For the serum... other than it can be use on skin.. what can it be use for..
And recently.. i have seen a recipe for back-pain... can u kindly e-mail that recipe to this email or .. THANKS

aLvin said...

Hi.. bryan.. may i know what can i do to reduce the pimples on my face.. and also how to reduce the pimples scars on the face... THANKS alot.. !!

Bryan Gan said...

HI all i will answer sandy and alvin question.
This serum is very natural thats why many people use and feel the results for dull skin, because is so fresh. You might try.
For back pain one i have a good remedies is in the blog, la acupressure for pain topic. using lavendula peppermint and lemongrass go read, if dont understand email me

ALVIN: To reduce pimples well u can drink the soup i recommend, a mixture of green bean barley boil to dessert and add rock sugar to taste because this combination helps to reduce pimples. For scar serum will help.

Also is good u can perform facial steaming once a week to clease ur face. One drop lavendula vera on hot water and steam ur face.
Also if in future u have pimple, u can try to dap some lavendula or tea tree on it, it goes away fast

Hi both
call me if u need to 94895606

bryan here

Anonymous said...

Bryan thank you so much, i want to say the lavendula i use for facial steaming has help my face to be clearer.

My son sinus has recovered.

thank you