Sunday, June 3, 2007

Remedies for Sagging Skin, Dull Skin & Freckles

Dull skin, freckles and sagging skin are not the results of growing older. After many years of research, I discovered that free radicals and stress are the main cause of aging skin.

You can look your best, feel your best and enjoy beautiful skin and optimum health everyday of your life, provided you are not lazy and start now.

When you are above 25, Serum is a most important step in skin care, it tok me several years to discover pure good quality serum. Since it was launched this year, I received countless of feedbacks.

Thank you all for your support.

Facial steaming with Rose Geranium and Grapefruit Pink and Frankincense provides your skin with good circulation and directly nourish your skin with antioxidants.

Perform the following once a week and you will see improvements in your skin texture and skin tone.

1 drop of Frankincense, 1 drop Of Rose geranium and grapefruit Pink into a basin of hot water. Steam your face as shown above for 2-5 mins. Use mouth to inhale for the first few breath. Thereafter, inhale slowyly throught your nose. Do it only once a week :D

Serum out of stock AGAIN!!! please order early if you need. I will arrange for you.


Anonymous said...

Bryan i am from Holy innocent , attended yoour workhop, i must say is really fun and informative. I bought the serum and i find is a really good product. My skin is more hydrated.

thank you

Anonymous said...

i am new to your blog
read so much of the serum with positive comments
really love to give it a try
pls tell me how to place my order

tks n rgds

Anonymous said...

anyone can help..about the dark circles under the eyes, the red point to press on the face, what about the shoulder red point?
how to do it the right way?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn

Only the red point to press on the face, is 2 fingers away from nose. You can also read from those past comments under this topic. Bryan did answer similiar questions.
(dont find me kpo k! hehe)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
every impress on the anonymous comments on your workshop.
I'm interested to attend the workshop. Pls let me know went is your next workshop?


Anonymous said...

Hi there

Heard quite alot on this serum. Izit some sort of an essense? Can replace my moisturer wif a serum.


Anonymous said...

hi YOYO,

how can i call u KPO when u r kind enough to ans me..suppose Bryan is too busy to answer..oops! one more on both cheeks oNce a day for 2mins or can do More than oNce??
mANy ThANks.


Anonymous said...

hi, all Bryan here....

Yes for acupressure do on both cheeks point, for 2 mins a day, once a day is enough.

Serum is all natural extract, but the lifespan is 6month so is very fresh when i order by batch. Serum is to be used before moisturiser.

Currently i am busy, will work with community club to conduct my workshops. I will post the schedule here.

Oh wooden comb can be found in one of the street in town, give me till weekends i find out the address and let u know.

Thank you all for support.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Would like to know whether you sell the two oil that you mentioned for control of hair loss and do u have any good remedy for pigmentation cos I have 2 patches of pigmentation on the face for years? Thks in advance

Bryan Gan said...

yes you can email me , the oil will arrive fresh soon for my next workshop.

The serum so far yields good result for pigmentation, but again need to combine with acupressure and good diet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I have used your serum for a couple of weeks now. I must say it is very very good indeed, you told me it will be oily, i dont feel it at all. Keep skin very moisturise in a very natural way which i have never felt before. My face kind of turning fair very fast too, kind of weird, not used to it. I am a guy after all, not used to look so fair.hahaha...


ANGELINE said...

Hi Bryan

Need your advice pls...

i had mosquitoes scars on my legs,due to this my legs are ugly..any recommendations for the Scar?


Bryan Gan said...

hi hi m leg scar takes time to heal is it very big , do call me angel


i may advise further

Anonymous said...

Bryan ur serum is very good, my skin has improved and is only a week.
Thank you so much bryan.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

My cousin told me dat Lavender Essential Oil is not gd 4 guy. (Will hv bigger chest n will act girlish) Is it true?

My boy is abt 13 mths old & I hv been using shower bath n lotion with lavender on him 2 give him a calm sleep in the night.
(Proven useful).

But I hv stop using it, afraid dat it might b harmful 2 him.

Pls kindly advise n sorry 4 taking up ur time.


DJ Violet 粉樱 said...

Hi, bryan laoshi
Thanks for coming to my blog and your compliments too....

You are great too coz so many listeners have benefit from your recommendations.

Gan said...

hi all,
you can buy the wooden comb at the organic shop in Chinatown. Btw, the shop is closed on Sunday. Cost $4plus.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Is it possible for u to disclose the exact location of this organic shop in Chinatown.

Thank you.

Bryan Gan said...

Hi i am amaze have people say lavender cause a person to have big chest and girlish, i think this has no proof and medical science has prove lavender have health benefits, please read last week wan bao by a doctor. I am very upset when people say a thing can help many people in this way and is very bad. Lavender wont cause a person to have big chest and girlish. If thats the case all those farmer in france australia and bulgaria their family all big chest because they use lavender oil everyday and drink lavender tea every day.

Aiyo i really SHOCKED to hear this remarks.,

Anonymous said...


I have been using lavender not from bryan for 15 years, i have 4 sons and a daughter, they are all fine. I used to use for them when they are babies. They are ow all in their 18 and 20s

They are all healthy and not girlish, except my daughter .

Also i make lavender tea with rose for family to drink.

I think is a bad comments u made for lavender, it helps many people in this twentieth century so i think your cousin should be educate before giving this remarks.

And i read about the doctor comments on lavender help people with insomnia and sick. You should at least read the paper rather from your cousin, since it helps your child you should continue

mei yin (Bedok)

Anonymous said...

Oh Bryan

keep up the good work,you have help many middle class people which cannot afford to see doctors all the times. Thank you so much for answering my questions in the phone. I was so poor memory and ask u many times. But it helps the receipes for flu of my child.

Oh, ur lavendula vera helps alot. ANd i totally laugh off when people say it cause big chest , aiyo this comment should be removed , is no good.
i will be attending ur 972 workshop see u and i will support u.

Ai yin

Edric Hsu said...

Hi all,

With regards to the suggestion of Lavender oils causing enlarged breasts and feminine behaviour in boys, there have been cases cited in the past, but they are very rare and none of them had been proven to be accurate...

However, certain oils could increase hormonal activity, and are to be used sparingly and with caution especially with toddlers and young children...

Different people will react differently with each oil, but as long as we are observant and careful, it should be safe... :)


XueLi said...

HI Lao shi

Shirley here again to give you feedback...

Your serum is another miracles again.... my many years old freckles had lighten alot.. Thanks alot

but i hv another problem that needs your help, can i know why one's stomache (an adult) is hard, is it bcos of too mani wind in the stomache.
He goes toilet every day. Lao Shi PLEASE HELP!!!

Thank you & Regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

I have feckles and pigmentation on my skin. I have been using products like Lancome & ET Whitening but still cannot help. Bio Essence has been promoting vigoursely and I also bought. Still cannot help. May I know when is your next workshop so that I could go down and see you. You may email reallycolouryong@yahoo to me.


Anonymous said...

hi bryan teacher,

can you advise on how to solve constipation probelem.

i tried alot method, tcm, western. but al need to take medicine which i dun like. now i have bowel, due to i eat fruits daily (i mean alot) and also gnc pine bark extract tablet. however is there a better method to solve it? and when i need to empty bowels, i need to squad position instead of sit towel bowl. i got a bit of piles too.

hope other readers can advise.


Bryan Gan said...

HI let me answer 3 questions here.

Stomach Bloated: Well can be cause by many problems, stress ah, Milk and lactose intolerance is very ver common, may be ur husband drink milk and ice cream, cause stomach bloated.
U can use one drop lavendula one drop peppermint in 20cents coin cream and mix and massage the stomach clockwise.

Quick remedy u can try take a medicine call (WU Ta Fen) from chinese medical hall. It helps.

Aiyo why waste money on the pine extract. For constipation u can try drink this herbs: he shou wu 20 gram , redates 4 remove seed. Boil with 1 liter of water for half hour(small fire) DRINK THE WATER. Not only good for constipation but also beautify hair and skin.

Also perform the stomach massage i show in my previous blog on stomach digestion

Skin Freckles: Try the serum i bring in, many has good results now

Anonymous said...

wow i wan to buy your serum bryan, how can i go about it


ivy said...

hi...can i place order for ur serum,lavendula vera and rose geranium?

Anonymous said...


I’m in my mid 20s and my face is going through breakout, it’s on my cheeks and also a little around my chin.
Would like to know how to treat this condition.

Thank you.

Bryan Gan said...

Hi all the serum has arrived and fresh, and if you have any question email me

Anonymous said...

i like to order serum fm u. please email to

Anonymous said...

i like to purchase your serum n lavendula vera! please email me at