Saturday, May 26, 2007

Personal Views

I would like to thank everyone for believing in me. I feel really encouraged and motivated with all your feedbacks.
The route towards nice skin and health needs a lot of determination and faith. Do not be too anxious to see results. The more you worry, the more you expect, the more blockages you are creating for yourself. Just relax ok.

It is great singapore sales once again. I did a review on certain aroma oil prices. A good quality Geranium oil is selling at $62 for 10ml at Taka. I can't find Rose Geranium. The reason why I am still able to bring in Rose Geranium and selling it at $45 for 12 ml is, because I am not doing any multi-level marketing. I devote most of my time doing research with my mission to propagate the importance and benefits of true aroma oils.
I will only bring in oil when I have workshops to ensure they arrived fresh and of highest quality. There are many species of herbs but over the past 10 years, I have only managed to complete my research on 16 kinds of herbs and oils. My research does not end here, I will continue to review from time to time.

I have personally experienced many illnesses such as bodyache, depression...sinus etc........The main reason why I am able to be here to share is because of natural therapies that has helped me to recover. Everyday is a learning point for me and I wish to share my learnings to more people. If you are sick, please consult a doctor first. You can email me for advice on natural therapy to enhance your health.


Anonymous said...

Bryan i must thank you that my backache has really improve using your 3 oil method. I can sleep better and my wife neck shoulder problem has improved. thank you


Anonymous said...

Hi i am hui mei, i am happy you are writing for i-weekly wish you good luck, YES YES YES lavendula vera from you is amazing, and i love it. I used it for acne and pimples too. Also i did go outside and look for higher grade lavender which cost $38 but smell also not as nice as urs.

Thank you Bryan hope you keep up the good work.

sui lin

Anonymous said...

Bryan , i attended your dance and scent therapy 2 years ago at AMD. Our people are very supportive. Few of us have tried your type 2 serum , you know what, everyone is talking about it now. Our skin do improve.

We just want to know u have a group of people supporting you. SO dont give up and continue to teach us save money.

Anonymous said...

i heard u are leaving 972, sigh can you star awhile. I love the remedies and reading ur blog.

li li

Anonymous said...

yeah bryan the facial serum is very good, even my sister discover my skin is more radiant and i save the money now for facial, thank you.
i will continue to support you.

Chief clerk( remember)

Anonymous said...

bryan keep up the good work, continue to spread happiness to people. I blieve in your oil, as you are a certified aromatherapist and music color therapist ma .... .

I think most people are touched by your sincerity and you do answer all phone call with patience.... thank you for teaching me the acupressure for bloated stomach and remedies. I have recovered now and i dont need to take gastric tablet.

Anonymous said...


can i ask again wat can the rose geranium be used for. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great to read about all your tips and recipes on your blog, it is very informative and friendly.

Want to hear more of you on 97.2 but always seemed to miss your segment. When will you be on air again?

Keep up the good work, Bryan Lao Shi!

Bee Bee

Anonymous said...

i wish to say thanks for listening to my problems, you are very responsible and helpful. The serum is really good thanks for introducing


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

I saw HuiMei's comments that ur writing for i-weekly? May I know when will be the 1st article? I will go buy & support you la!!

And recently, I get lotsa breakup all at my chin area, izit due to digestive problems? What can I do?

Thank You


Bryan said...

hi the next issue will be either next week or after next week, from there i will write for every week.

Breakout around chin area, normally is due to sleeping patterns, junk food, stress and lack of water in body.

I suggest u eat alot of vegetables for 3 days and clean diest for this 3 days to clear the internal heat. Also drink chrysanthemum one cup a day for 3 days or green bean soup with less sugar. Only three days ok.

bryan here

Anonymous said...


I took your advice to eat lotsa vege for oni 2 days and my bowels got regularize. Seems good leh! But still cant control my habit & went back to munching my whole packet of crackers the 3rd day. keke...

Thank you for your advice. And will try again!


Bryan Gan said...

Hi Ling,

same as me i like to eat alot of potatoe crackers, but becareful ah.