Saturday, June 16, 2007

Recipe for Insomnia

Yesterday, I couldn't get to sleep because my mind was too occupied with work, so I boiled this soup to counter insomnia.

The ingredients are Dried Longan, Bai He (Lily Buds), and Lian Zi (Lotus Seeds).
1 tablespoon each (chinese soup spoon), 700 cc water. Boil till Lian Zhi become soft. Half hour small fire.

The soup is SO delicious and after drinking, I enjoyed a sound sleep.

If you have any questions, email me at:


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi your workshop is really good.

And of course the serum i just tried last nite and i wake up with more radiant skin


Anonymous said...

Hi bryan lao shi,
how can i purchase your's omhealth product- essential oil like rosemary, lavendula vera n grapefruit pink. And i also interested want to buy the omhealth skin care product. You may also reply to me at Thanks for your help.



Anonymous said...

Hello Bryan teacher,

Finally found your blog!

And I am really having insomnia these few days, too bad I don't have all these ingredients that you'd mentioned now.

Will try out your recipe tomorrow night if I still can't sleep, and let you know the results!


Mrs Lim (Soh Hoon)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan thanks for the nice workshop, i love it. Also the serum is really good and your lavendula vera smell really nice


Anonymous said...

hellos! happened to chance upon ur blog (: mm..good that i did anyway. cos i needed some remedy for my insomnia :p
btw, i heard another recipe for isomnia! - boil a unshelled egg with longan, lotus seeds and jujube (nan zao)

Umera said...

Hey,I posted your URL at the Punggol Forum. Hope you get lots of respond from there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

How do I store the essential oil and whats the lifespan?
Can keep it in fridge?

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan 老师,

I have come across a recipe on sliming..

Do u tink this recipe works? Is there a way 2 find out 4 me? Cos I feel veri dishearted liao...(can't slim down -: has tried a few other ways liao):(

田七 - 三钱
山楂 - 三钱
牛七 - 三钱
金针 - 十三条

Thanks a lot 4 the help...


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan 老师,
how can i purchase your's omhealth product- essential oil etc....
pl reply me

Mui Choo

Anonymous said...

Bryan your full set of aroma oil is really good is so worth it thank you i enjoy ur workshop


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan teacher

regarding your insomnia receipe, how often should we drink? Can drink everyday?


lim said...

hi Bryan Lao Shi

Boil for how long?

Anonymous said...

hi bryan

RE: HAIR FALL not prevented!? Why?

Following ur talk, I followed ur advice to drop 4 drops each of ur rose geranium, rosemary and lavendula vera oil in shampoo (I chose dove shampoo as it is mild n not strong scented). Unfortunately, I observed tt my hair fall increase (much more than usual - can see a lot MORE than usual on the floor!) instead of reduced hair fall. Could u enlighten me? What's the proportion of 4 drops each to the amount of shampoo? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

It's been weeks+ still waiting for your reply. Maybe busy? Disappointed sigh -(

Bryan Gan said...

HI all, i have been busy answering emails and phone call non stop; Ur answers here. In radio i mention to use baby shampoo or shampoo less chemical type.

Hair prevention is to include acupressure, the hair drop u experience may not be due to the shampoo probably, u are more stress that time . DO call me if u need to

SO what u can do now, for dove shampoo. u monitor few days more is it more hair drop.

In your shampoo, u can use 2 drop each is good enough for your case. DO call me if u need more information ok

For the soup u can drink everyday, but sometimes i think after condtion improve drink 3 times a week ok.
Boil for half hour

All the oil just put in cupboard not in fridge.

Anonymous said...

HI Bryan lao shi,

i want to add on, i try the shampoo method for a month and is good, i think the important things is to mix very well because the oil floats. Also the oil should be mix into a big bottle of shampoo and shake well,, i ask my son todo it. ANd use this shampoo second day. And u mention this thereupectic shampoo no need us everyday. so i use 3 times aweek.

I really have nice hair shine and like the smell.

So may be can share with the lady above. Not so easy drop hair one. i used to have hair drop problem, i see doctor, is due to internal balance and stress

Anonymous said...

Halo, so many early bird. Bryan lao shi i am in office now, waiting to hear ur tips. I am grateful to you for answering my phone call with patient last week. I aunty so very forgetful.

Yeah my sleep is better, and the serum is good. Also my feet pain has reduced alot, this week can walk longer thank you for ur soup receipe and the lavendula lemongrass mix u teach me

i am very grateful to u

ai li

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

agreed the hair method u mention is good, but again also depends ur self hair type. I suggest the lady to get a advice first. But i dont think is cause by oil, because i did an research in internet, the blend bryan give is very good for hair growth. but again may be you a re the 1% people not suitable for essential oil for hair. He also give me hair growth soup very good, but again we must not blame bryan lao shi la, u put title this way very hurting for his effort u know.
He did not sleep sometimes just to find out receipe for us, and also draw acupressurepoint and email me ah

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi i love ur tips and programme. Also i read ur iweekly last time, may i know how fast i can see result for insomnia tea.

Bryan Gan said...

Hi Nancy for slimming ,i will have a section on it, the above tea abit strong for some body type. i will introduce one effective one soon ok.

hi the lady who use hair shampoo one, please call me 94895606

Anonymous said...

i read the dove shair shampoo, oh i think is blood circulation improve so some weak hair is being cleanse.

But i cannot use dove shampoo, because of their high moisturiser that bock my scalp pores, last time i have dandraff

may be u try other shampoo
hui shi

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi,

Thanks a lot 4 the reply. will wait patientlt 4 ur method. Sorri 2 take up ur time.


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi hope everything turns out well for you, i am ai sin from JB and thank you so much for answering my call and explain my problem.


Anonymous said...

bryan i feel so much better, the sinus thanks so much

adeline said...

Hi, I would like to try the insomnia tea for my son. He is 7 years now.. and he just cannot sleep, even as late as 3am.. and worst.. he is study in P1 and no afternoon nap. Wonder what's wrong with him. do you think the soup is suitable for young kids?

Bryan Gan said...

i think you kid is due to stress and may be he eat some tidbits that is hyper. U can try lavendula and grapefruit pink one drop each in warm water let him do footbath. The tea yeah he can drink too