Friday, June 22, 2007

School Tour 2007 AND Thank you all listeners, I-Weekly readers and friends

Hi all, I am back from a good holiday. Gosh, I am shocked by the number of emails each day.

A lot of remedies that I have mentioned on radios and magazines are targetted at general problems. If you really have health issues, it is better to consult a doctor first. I am a natural therapist but I am not a certified doctor to diagnose you :) When you have your doctor reports, I can further advise you on the suitable food cures and aroma acupressure points to help you.

One example is skin care. Although the serum has done wonders for many people, but there might be some who see no results (so far out of 100 is 2). That's because I do not have the chance to see your skin condition. If you have acne and pimples, have them healed first before using serum.

As for hair care, it is important to know your hair type and blend carefully the oil in the shampoo. I am using baby shampoo for hair blends and I use it thrice a week for this therapeutic shampoo.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan i love your workshop and of course i love your acupressure technques and thanks for so helpful.

I must say your aroma herbs oil are very very fresh and cheap. I agreed with MC king doest mean cheap is no good quality. I think you should let many smell ur lavendula vera is amazing nice

Civil service club mary

Anonymous said...

Bryan thankyou my hand is better now and i am now working is CKtang. Hand can move better.

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi, i think i must say something. I am the lady who seat in front row in ur media corp talk. The way u do business can be bully by people one. So cometimes cannot too good heart, i mean is u need to have a system la. Sometimes people take for granted one. Anyway i really enjoy the workshop , i am the lady that share with neighbour on neck pain, she is better now and i think she listen to 972 often.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi

Congralution! You are being interviewed by american reporter. Well Done!!


lady at suntec

dragon said...

hello . can i know how to heal dark eye circle ? thank you.

Camille said...

hi Bryan lao shi,

recently hv any workshop or not? if hv dun forget to tell us, ok!


Sharonee said...

Byan lao shi, aiyo u so nice,cos u published ur h/phone no. so wat time ur convenince to talk ?

Anonymous said...

Bryan , i have never attended such a good workshop in my life. Thank you so much.

mayflower pri.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi

Could you pls advice me the receipe for hair growth soap.

Thank you.

PL said...

Hello! You are so great!! Do you have remedy for treating white hairs?