Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cold storage SUCCESSFUL


I am so thankful that so many people came for this public talk. Hmmm..I felt as though I am "Yan can cook"! It was raining and I am so touched that you guys still make your way down to attend my talk. Thank you. You can see that I was enjoying myself a lot. Using herbs can be so fun and easy right?


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I am interested to register for your workshop on the 11 of Aug.
This is the first time i am registerin, so i was wonderin, if i want 2 register, all i need 2 do is send u an email rite? Inside the email, i will only need 2 leave me contact number and name rite?Anything else?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Thank you for the tips you have given us during the cold storage talk. It was very informative to help us enjoy a healthy life style.

Thanks for your effort.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Thanks for the health talk on 28 Jul at cold storage, I'm so touch and happy on your sharing especially on the olive oil. actually I'm using extra virgin olive oil to cook on this while. thanks so much on your info not to use extra virgin oil to cook food. so so thankful, Bryan my face look so much prettier and radiant after using the face serum.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I chanced upon your workshop while shopping at Cold Storage, and managed to learn a few interesting tips from you. You were very entertaining and informative. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan, I attended your workshop at cold storage
despite of the heavy rain. I must say that this is a very informative session for me. I have learnt that I can make my own body scrub for detox and slimming by using simple ingredients and herbs.Thank you for touching on raw garlic(didnt know tat it is 'yang') and olive oil, now I know the uses of different type of olive oil. Alwayas thought extra virgin oil is can be used for cooking. I look forward to have more workshops conducted by you.
Kathleen Toh

Anthony said...

Hi Bryan;

I just get to know your blogs from a freinds...
May I know when is your next talk workshop and location....

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony

you have to email Bryan at ''if you are interested to attend and he will informed you where and when to attend the workshop.

Anonymous said...

YOu are one of the best speaker in Singapore on beauty and health.
I know is tough, but keep up the good work and dont loose faith bryan.

We all support u.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
I came to know about you only last Sat at Cold storage Great World City.

Tried some of the tips you hv shared and it works! Look forward to more of these information sharing sessions.



Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Sad to say that I had missed yr talks. But wld definitely support u on yr next, pls let us know where is the venue/time.

Question for you, I hv very oily skin & external it looks dry - pls guide me.

Many thks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Hi KK ,

first watch ur diet, facial acupressure is needed for nicer skin.

u can try the facial steaming once a week as first step and use flora water on ur face everyday