Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Slimming serum combine with this exercise helps tone tummy

slimming serum was launched for a month. Let me highlight the right way of using it.

This serum should be used before exercise or after shower. Squeeze a bit and massage the affected area. It helps to detox, remove water retention and tone the area you wanted.

To have a toner abs, do the above exercise for 5 mins per day. Apply the serum before you do this exercise. You will see great results. Stay in that position for 10 counts. Switch to the other side for another 10 counts. This is known as the Triangle posture.
I will improve on the packaging of my bottle :)


Anonymous said...

hi can i know how much does this serum cost? pls email to brid82@singnet.com.sg thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan, understand u also have workhops at Community Centre. Can u give the details on this blog?


Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi, your interview in radio today is cool, and very very informative thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Bryan u conduct very good workshop at our company MFA, i am so happy after a few years your hard work has bring you to another level. I look forward to your workshop.

I have never attended such a great interesting workhop in SIngapore.


Anonymous said...

hi bryan
where can i buy the slimming serum and how big is the bottle?Thanks alot

Eileen said...

Hi Bryan,

I would appreciate if you could let me know your products, price and location of buying your oils to my email address.

Your reply is very much appreciated. Thanks

Camille said...

Hi Eileen,

U can email Bryan lao shi at info@omhealth.com to order than he will mail to you.

Eileen said...

Thanks camille

Anonymous said...

How long one botle of slimming serum can last??