Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hair Beautifying Methods plus stroke prevention

the workshop on 21st September is Part 2 of my workshop and its meant for those who have attended my workshop before.
Email me to register now at Details scroll down. If you are first timer, you can either come for the workshops on 14sep or 21st Sep.

Most people shed 50 to 150 strands of hair from their heads a day. Sometimes, it can be temporary hair loss due to stress. Ladies who just gave birth, on severe dieting, on drugs or medical treatments can also experience hair loss.

Traditional Chinese secret to strong and healthy hair is to have good nutrients such as quality protein and iron. Food includes black beans , black sesame, walnuts, black fungus etc. One of my favorite dessert is black fungus with white fungus and rock sugar dessert to maintain youthful looking skin :)
Aromatherapy Bryan’s Technique to prevent hair loss and have natural shiny hair.

Invest in a good wooden comb. Add one drop of Lavendula vera and one drop of Rosemary(the oil must be of clinical grade in order to work effectively) on the wooden comb. Rub with index finger to ensure the oil is well absorbed into the comb. Use this comb to comb through your hair 10 to 30 times once a day. Application of the oil onto your comb once a week will do.
The best Rosemary oil is first distilled type from Spain and the best Lavendula vera is from Bulgaria.


Anonymous said...

Interesting techniques, will definitely try, i heard so much of your serum from my aunt, her skin seems to be clearer. Can u tell me the ingredients in it.


MC said...


Heard that your "Bird" had passed away? ....

Sorry to knw that ...


Bryan Gan said...

yeah , the bird bring my family so much happiness and is very smart. Actually bird was sick for 2 days.

My mom chant buddhist notes and put the beads on her and she open wings very big and lie flat. Than we bury under a tree , it rain immediately for 5mins.

The bird i think in pure land.

Anonymous said...

Lao shi, sad to hear that. I want to say the serum facial has improve my face condition and perform facial steaming diligently.

thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of the passing of your pet bird. Take care!

Anonymous said...

I am KPO Lim

14 sep workshop is for beginners, is a wonderful workshop that touch from health to beauty

21 Sep workshop is for anyone also is a part 2 for 14sep, it targets more on antiaging and is very very good workshop to attend if u wanna learn anitaging naturally

I attended two in July and August, a very very good workshop. And it really helps myself and my parents in terms of health and beauty issue

Anonymous said...

Bryan i love your aroma oil, i never experience such fresh lavender and grapefruit pink, i did my facial steaming and see good results in skin texture

May flower primary school teacher

XueLi said...

Bryan Laoshi

"Jie Ai Sun Bian"...
Your pet is already very lucky to have u & your mum as its owner so it is now resting in peace le

take care

Anonymous said...

My stomach has improved alot after using the lover detox method u taught plus foot bath using rosemary and lemongrass
thanks bryan u are great