Thursday, August 23, 2007

Flora Water ---- Almost extinct in SIngapore

I am very happy to introduce fresh flora water to a group of participants on 11 Aug talk. Fresh flora water is very difficult to find in Singapore. When I say fresh, it means really fresh. I use Fedex to bring in my oil. I am shocked that the charges has increased suddenly. One kilo is $60....
I remembered my first experience with flora water in Singapore was 10 years ago at SOGO basement. There was a lady selling fresh flora water for beauty and well being.
Flora water is extracted through distillation and there is no alcohol content in it. It is like distilled water on skin, it doesn't absorb quickly like toner. However, it really beautify the skin.

This uplifting flora water has a great all-over balancing effect on the skin, where it helps to create balance between oily and dry skin, relieve stress and anxiety when used as an air freshener. The strong smell is particularly good to ward off mosquitoes and head lice. It can also be added to a scalp preparation or used as a hair rinse.

It is good to replace toner with flora water. Give it a try. The lifespan of real flora water is only six month and this is why it is not easy to have business value here..... I will only import fresh ones when I have seminars.

Try making this drink of boiling Fu Ling with Barley and water. It is very good for the skin and reduce water retention. It is also a tonic that is not too heaty for the body.


Anonymous said...

what is the chinese name for fuling..and also what is the amount to put..
can drink everyday or wat ?

kl said...

FULING :茯苓 in white color.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone out there tell me how to register for Sept 14 course.


XueLi said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi

May i ask since u will be resting for 1 month, if i need stock of your essential oil, serum, etc, & how abt i wan try your flora water, isit i can email to you to place an order, & mayb i can go down to collect.

Pls advise
Thanks Laoshi

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

May I know how much Fuling and barley to put and boil for how long. Children can drink?

How often can we take?


Bryan Gan said...

hi xueli, i rest after september le.... ehheheh october is my birthday so i want to pamper myself no not organising workshop that month.

Ok, u can still order , will mail to u.

Yes children can drink, fuling is one piece and barley 30 gram, water one litre boil for half hour can le.

Take 3 times a week.

14 sep classs can be registered by email to me ur mobile and name

Anonymous said...

Just attended NTU workshop, is one hour very rush but extremely good and effective, my neck so much better when doing the massage oil u teach, i want to order oil please advise how.


Anonymous said...

Love the workshop u gave just now at NTU, NTU always has workshop, this is the best talk i ever attended, keep up the good work bryan. will recommend u to my club members soon.

The grapefruit pink is very fresh when u let us try, may i know which country it comes from

li ken

Anonymous said...

This is helen, i just attended your workshop, you forgot to touch on the dark eye circle problems.

Is a very good talk, hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Its expected that your 14 sep seminar is full house. Well, sooner your 21 Sep workshop also full house.

I am in your list, so pl dun forgot to call me on the venue. Thanks.

Sorry for the long-winded because I really do not wish to miss again.


Anonymous said...

Bryan i just want to check , those who has attended your workshop one time , the part two will be on 21st sep right.

I have attended your workshop at yamaha and looking forward for the part 2. Hope u can let us know