Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Workshop Venue Found.....

I attended my 4th lessons of MuayThai, and two lessons of Qi Gong beauty technqiues. Rather interesting :) It is important to upgrade ourselves as we grow.

14 Sep workshop
> 7pm to 9 pm
> Newton MRT; Cairnhill CC; Room #01-04/5

Exit at the B entrance from MRT. Take the escalator up and you will see a sign to the CC. Hmmm...I heard this CC is a CC for rich people ah...... Many Tai Tai :D

To have a young and beautiful skin, it is important to relax your body . A good method is to use Aloe vera gel with aromatherapy.

4 drops of Mandarin oil, 4 drops of Lavendula vera oil and 2 drops of Lemon into 50ml Aloe Vera gel. Shake the bottle well. Use this gel to massage neck and shoulder whenever you are stressed. While your finger still have the aroma, press this acupressure point for 2 mins. This point helps to beautify skin, prevent skin dryness and also help to relax your jaws. You can get to learn more tips during the workshop on 21 Sep 2007 :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan lao shi, i just dont understand why you are not in radio more, as you can speak proper chinese and your topics are always so interesting.

Want to feedback, my second son eczema has improved so much after using your acupressure and lavendula method. Keep up the good work, your name will grow more and more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi

I also want to know the way of treating eczema, as my younger son also have eczema problem.

Thanks and keep up the good work, hope to hear more from you at FM972.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan and all those who attended Bryan workshop on 11 Aug.

I want to say thank you to Bryan for picking me as one of the lucky winner.

Remember he said he will conduct a lucky draw after the wkshop. He did, he really keep to his promise even though he is conducting so many workshops and so busy.

all the best to your coming workshop, Bryan.

Your supporter, Mabel :)

Anonymous said...

Happy teaCHER day, wan to thank you for the full set of oil i got from u during the workshop. It helps in our family from sleep, body pain to cough and happiness.

Thanks so much for ur effor


Fingertips@Singtrain said...

Dear Bryan LaoShi

On behalf of all Trainers and Trainees of SingTrain Academy, may we wish you "Happy Teacher's Day" and may your conserted efforts in promoting beauty and wellness to the community continue to prospers!

We have benefited tremendously from your selfless sharings. You have helped eased many people's general health condition, without any intention to reap rewards or returns.

Thank you.

SingTrain Academy

Anonymous said...

Happy Lao Shi Day, Bryan!

And btw I love all the pictures you use on your blog to show us where are the acupoints. Very nice! Keep them coming please.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

From all the feedback, i really look forward for the workshop.

U will be calling those successful registrants, right?

Thanks, waiting for your call.


Anonymous said...

I love ur slimming serum, i though after a week of use no lost in weight, but i look in the skin and mirror, it does tone the cellulite and the texture of the skin. thanks so much will continue to use and with exercise u suggest. Because i did not exercise.


Anonymous said...

up till now the facial serum works pretty well for my skin. I wonder can you explain more on this serum in your next issue of your blog, thanks