Sunday, September 2, 2007

Annie( Mother) Anti aging expert

This is my mother, which is currently 62 years old. Despite her age, mum still has the skin of 40s plus. Mum is against botox and facial surgery. Although mum is slightly overweight and has wrinkles like most people of her age is going through, she views aging with an open heart.
Whenever I look at mum, I can see her eyes smiling and twinkling :D
I think she looked like one of the famous hong Kong star "Xu Shi Mun" when she was young :)

Mom always says, "To age gracefully, you need to be happy, compassionate and has a forgiving heart. Use natural products and foodcures to look younger than your age," Together, we conduct workshops and also sometimes cooking classes on YIN and YANG beauty. Mum likes to add a drop Grapefruit Pink and a drop of Lavendula vera onto tissue and stick it on her blowing fan or sometimes air con about half an hour before she sleep. This method has high relaxing antioxidant properties.

Giving up my 10 years of auditing job and going full time into natural therapy was not an easy decision, especially when I am the only child. 12 years ago, beside studying in Australia and working as an auditor, I will spend my weekends and free time to carry out research and studies on natural therapy. I don't follow what the books said but I will do my own R&D first, go around interviewing doctors and do my own observations. A lot of time and effort was spent but I really enjoy doing all this. I know all the knowledge and experiences that I have learnt will be very helpful to a person's health. Looking back, I have conducted hundreds workshop and they were recognised by overseas too. I hope participants who have attended my workshops will make good use of what they have learnt.
During my course of work and workshops, I noticed many people are too stressed. My workshops focus on educations on natural therapy as well as how to relax and destress using fun and non complicated methods. If we do not learn how to destress, our health will be affected and this is definitely not worth it.

Top 10 health problems:
Bloated Stomach, Headaches, migraine, Skin rashes, Flu easily, Dark eye circles, neck & shoulder ache, foot sole pain, uneven skin tone, chronic fatigue.

Learn to overcome this problem through aroma color music acupressure. You can also tune in my radio show on this Wednesday, 2pm at LOVE 97.2FM. My radio program will be on alternate week :) If you miss out on the radio program, you can also check out my health column in i-weekly magazine.


Anonymous said...

Your mom is indeed young of her age.

Must be the facial serum and the herbal tea she drinks.

I am using the green clay mask and pink clay. I find the pink clay make my skin look radiant. And also half teaspoon is enough le. thanks alot bryan

XueLi said...

Bryan laoshi,

may i know wats the contents of the 21sep workshop? isit for us who attended the yamaha and both the CSC workshop.
i dun want to miss your workshop, esp if its the exercise one, so pls advise


Anonymous said...

Your Mum looks great! I think she's the best spokesperson for your anti-ageing products! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Bryan attended your workshop at NTU , it does bring alot of information and fun. This is the best seminar i ever attended, is too short.... one hour....


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

For very bad eye bag which cream will you recommed. I have tried many types of eye cream but no effect at all.

Thank you.

somewhere in singapore said...

Hi Bryan

Your mum don't look like her age of 62 leh...

Anonymous said...

bryan the green clay is really good thanks alot. My acne has clear up, also i use t3 direct for 2 days.

Thanks for ur advice.


Anonymous said...

Bryan, your mom is really photogenic and doesn't look her age at all. She looks familiar, has see appeared on TV before?

Margaret said...

Hi Bryan

I've gone to your workshop of July 7 at Yamaha Thomson Plaza & saw your mum, indeed she looks docile & younger than her age. I think you mean when she looks like 佘(She)诗曼 when she is younger.