Saturday, September 29, 2007

Busy period

Hi all, the past few months have been really busy for me. I have tried my best to answer your questions from emails and phone calls.

Lately I have more than 100 emails a day, I really work from 5am to 12pm. So I tell myself,"Bryan Bryan, U must take a rest today."

I sincerely apologise if I have missed out any of your email and your orders of oil. Please accept my apologies if I have not been fast enough to send out your orders. I will improve on my system.


Anonymous said...

I have rec'd a call from your NTU student helper.
I enjoyed when I attended your class.Keep it up - Jia You.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Bryan, you'd done a great job giving us the workshops and we know it's not easy running so many activities at the same time. Slow down and have enough breaks too! I'm sure all of us appreciate your hard work. Take care!


Anonymous said...

lao shi that is very kind of you, in july workshop there are more than 200 people and you call one by one to confirm our seats. I was very touched when receive your phone call.

Attended your 21 sep public talk, Using the flora water that your mother is using. Is really nice and my skin has become clearer and it seems to helps in my depression.

Hong min

Mabel said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi

Don't worry, we understand your effort, handling everything alone is not an easy job.

You teach us how to relax our body and mind.. you too must relax and rest. Only when you feel rest then you will have the energy to share with us mah. hahah just kidding...

Cheers up.