Friday, September 28, 2007

Slimming Tea/ Slimming serum

For the past two weeks, I have been waking up early in the morning to organise my database for participants who have attended my workshop. I just hired a part-time student to help me in this. She will start calling you to get your email address because priviledges will be given to participants who had attended my workshop before, to attend new classes. Not to worry, I did not forget those who attended my YAMAHA and 14th Sep workshop, Part 2 for u gals will be out soon in first week of November. Because I am going to Taiwan next week for a holiday cums work - a seminar on beauty antiaging tea.
Also started to give aroma music yoga for companies in a duration of 4 lessons, so contact me if your company want this programme.
山楂(hawthorn) 4 gram, 陈皮(dried orange peel from chinese medical shop) 9 gram
Put ingredients in a cup of boiling water and steep for 10mins.
This slimming tea does not have side effect such as diarrhea or resulting in tireness. This is a natural tea that will help to tone your internal organs and also indirectly help to reduce high blood pressure, fats and poor appetite. However if you have any health condition, do get expert's advice before consuming.

Price for Bryan's Slimming Serum had remained $50 for 5 years. So far, it yields good result for those who had applied it before yoga or simple stretches that I taught in the class.
Companies who need me to organise a wellness workshop for your staff, contact me at
I promised you a fun and relaxing body wellness programme.
Those who have attended my 3 workshops will get a nice little certificate of achievements :D

You may have noticed that I have posted quite a few of my childhood pictures this week. This is because mom's birthday and my birthday falls in the same month - October. I think this is the best way to celebrate it with all my friends here. Respect and be nice to your parents and all good luck will come to you naturally.


Anonymous said...

Very good workshop you have given to our staff. Our management is very happy about that.
thanks bryan


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bryan
Wish you and your beauty mother a Happy Birthday and also enjoy your hoilday.
By the way, are u 36 years old? How old is your mum? Buy 4D ;D :D


XueLi said...

Bryan Laoshi

Have a nice holiday in Taiwan and dont tired yourself.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you an advance Happy Birthday to You and Your Dearest Mum.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryab

May every joy and happiness and blessing come your way.
Not just on special days like this, but always ~ everyday



Anonymous said...

Hi Tai Tai,

4D - 6236

Good luck and if you strike $$$, must buy more products from Bryan ok.

Cheers ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi, For 2:51PM
This number was my number of 6263, thinking of let go don't buy any more ;p ... But, now dead dead much buy leh, if strike, I am sure buy more products Bryan.

TaiTai ;D

Anonymous said...

I attended the 14 Sep 07 workshop, buy 3662 and 6236 tat week, but... sign, din strike lei.

Nvrm, 再接再励。maybe this week will come out.

Anyway, Bryan's workshop is really interesting and likely. No regrets attending, looking forward for more.

Mabel said...

Byran Laoshi

Have a good trip to Taiwan don't just teach class remember to do some shopping and try their 'xiao chi'
Hope to attend your next class soon.


Mabel said...

Ops spell wrongly Bryan ;)