Monday, September 10, 2007

FM972 recording bryan and u

Getting real busy with 6 workshops this week. I have a radio recording session with Yong Mei @ Love 97.2 FM today. Next wednesday will be a live show with Violet from 2pm to 3pm. Took some pictures with Yong Mei. Pretty lady right.
Oh, if you happen to buy i-weekly, do read my sharings of health & beauty tips under thhe health column.

I would like to thank listeners for sending me flowers to radio station. I am very touched. I hope to bring more research items to you soon. I always feel very happy to share the latest beauty products and foodcures that is in the market.

Today, let me share with you a porridge that I will cook 3 times a week for beauty, energy and good health. It is Shan Yao porridge. You can get it from wet market, remove the skin carefully and slice it. Skin may cause your hand to itch, you will need to wear a glove while cutting the skin. Shan yao helps to overcome chronic fatigue.
I will explain further on the details of cooking during the live radio program next wednesday.
For now, just keep a look out when you go to the market. Tell me whether you can find this item not.


Anonymous said...

lao shi, i tried the buddha hand soup. Is so nice as what u said.I think all should try this soup.

Thanks for teaching us. Also i love the essential u provide us. Is the best grade i ever used. Hope u can share with us where and which eye cream is the best

genevieve said...

Hi Bryan,

The shan yao looks like huai shan. Is it called huai shan? If yes, it's sold in most wet market in the vegetables store.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi,

Are u selling the Lavendula Vera & Grapefruit Pink on Fri's Seminar? I'm attending and keen to try...

Also, can you post the Shan Yao Porridge on your blog? Some of us might miss the radio show since it's a workday afternoon. Thks!

Bryan Gan Beauty, Health, Team Building Instructor said...

hi the oil will be available this friday, with latest handrawn label and also very fresh .

shan yao porridge will put soon in blog.

Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi, this is my second month using the slimming serum, I have good results with stretch marks and skin texture at legs. Thanks a lot. I wonder can i add oil intothe slimming serum.

i went to beauty salon, find that slim serum is $150 for ur size. Thanks for giving us at this rate.


Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi the soup of fo shou guo taste very good. I add fish sauce abit instead of salt.

I apply ur zu san li acupressure point and it works so well for my bloated stomach.

Thanks for your help. I would like to have full set of oil , will come collect this friday from you, but i cannot attend the workshop because i have aerobic class.

But will support u next time if ur workshop is on weekends


Anonymous said...

a very nice blog, i know u have to do so many things alone from research to blog to replying email to seminar. Keep up the good work bryan lao shi.

U sincere effort will be paid off...


Anonymous said...

Shan yao is indeed huai san. It is the same as the dried one sold
in chinese medical shop

Anonymous said...

The Fu Shou Guo soup is very tasty. I did not any salt or fish sance, the taste is already 一级棒。

The sweetness of the fu shou guo and the amount of pork rib and add a few more honey dates will be good enough for the taste.


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