Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Immune boosting herbal tea

Hi all,
while I was writing this post---> suddenly, my lap-top was shaking and I quickly rush downstair with my mother. There is a tremour due to the earthquake in Sumatra.
Everything is ok now but I am more worried for the people in Sumatra. Make a little prayer.. may there be no disasters. If you are reading this post now, just make a small prayer in your heart ok.

Herbal tea to reduce body heat, sore throat, sore eyes prevention and detox. Drink once a week for health maintenance. The weather is quite bad recently. Now is the time to drink.
1)top left: xia Ku cao榎枯草 : detox liver, virus, cooling
2)Middle: 菊花 ju hua: remove heatiness, brighten eyes
3)Right 桑叶 sangye(mulberry leaf): clear heat, sore eyes
Put 榎枯草 and 桑叶 into water and boil for 1/2 hour. Turn off the fire. Add 菊花 and steep for 10 mins. Its ready for drinking :)

I usually buy 50cents of each item and cook a big pot for the whole family to drink.


Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi, i want to attend your cooking class, can u put the schedule up soon.

I love ur blog, is updated almost every two days, very good effort.

I read and saw your news in London. Ahahahahah you are very famous but you are always so humble.

Keep it up....

lily Yap

Mabel said...

Hello, Bryan Laoshi

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Yes I was down at AMK MRT around 6 plus, but don't feel it.

Luckily no serious damages done at Sumatra, Praise the Lord.

You are compassionate and caring too ;)

XueLi said...

Bryan 老师,谢谢你到我的blog,我们一起祈祷,愿国泰民安,灾难远离。

take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan, i got the rose geranium from you yesterday and went shopping at CK Tang wow rose geranium in market is $93 normal good geranium is $50, now than i know. I tried the facial steaming and found the rose geranium of urs last nite, it take some times to drip out as it is very thick and pure.... This morning my face look clearer. Thanks for sharing with us yesterday about facial steaming.

Just a tip,rose geranium take 3 second to drip out.

Shiah Lee(JTC) [ the girl u ask me to volunteer to distribute notes)