Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Frankincense = Workshop For first timer

Lookout for me in October issue of U.Me health Magazine, not front cover la. ahahha

Workshop for First Timer " Beauty and health with Bryan aroma color music acupressure"

19th October Venue to be release; 7 to 9pm Friday, Register thru (email me ok)
With music , acupressure and alot of fun. Listen today radio 2pm-3pm 9.72 FM

Frankincense = 乳香油 = Anti-aging = Fight inflammation and wrinkles.


心理疗效:有压惊镇定之效,使心境平和,助冥想。发肤疗效:适合成熟肌肤,抗衰老及皱纹产生。身体疗效:消除产后抑郁症状,有助伤口愈合 特点:

佛书谓之天泽香,意思是乳香是上天赐予的神物,香气润泽。用法:香熏炉法。Facial steaming with Frankincense can helps to fight depression, beautify skin. Add one drop to ur normal moisturiser cream to enhance the effect of moisturisr with antiaging properties.

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Anonymous said...

hi bryan, this is one of the best informative blog i ever find. Your workshop is so so so fun, many people who attended can feel the sincerity, i find ur method of teaching is really good. Your flu prevention techniques is really effective. I tried and really my flu go away.

I think you should rest for a few days la. . .


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Heard your announcement workshop this afternoon on 19 Oct 07.

Well, i suppose its not same as 21 Sep 07, right? You promised to organize a class in Oct for those attended 14 Sep 07, so dun forget.

Take care and rest well.


Anonymous said...

Hi bryan lao shi, i really love your workshop, hope can attend one more time if possible.

I tried the lavendula vera with aloe vera gel for my son, his skin is better too. I think is a very good tips that u share.

Also i do facial steaming with rose geranium and grapefruit pink, indeed the whole house smell nice, and my skin texture improve.

Thanks for ur effort, Will want to try your antiagaing serum too.

Seems after you introduceserum, many beauty salon try to sell serum but hor.... all $130 plus a bottle. how do u mantain such a low price please dont increase ok, we are aunties not working.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed bryan lao shi by your blog, this is my first time visiting your blog, and listening to you in radio yesterday, you are so funny and cool.


Janice said...

I believe many of us have benefited from Bryan's various talks & workshops. We see his hardwork & his knowledge is undeniable. Each time he organises a talk, he has to see that everything goes right so that all of us enjoy and benefit from it. Thus we shd reciprocate by at least turning up on time, refrain from bringing mother, maid, kid or whoever you did not register with Bryan. In this way, things will be easier for Bryan and he can deliver his talk with his utmost.
I hope you all do agree. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Highly recommend for those who did not attend bryan's workshop before , is an eye opener . I love it so much


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I got abit confused of your products price lists. There's one in your Omhealth website and another softcopy emailed by you. I also noticed a few products are not listed in there as well (if i didn't see wrongly).

One suggestion is why don't you compile all in your omhealth website. It seems like you have alot of loyal customers. It may be hard for you to track on their purchase. It will be good if you allow buyers to buy it online and ship it to them. This allows you to do internationally as well. Cos alot of other websites are doing this too. Just a suggestion of mine to make your business more properous.


Anonymous said...

Ya lor, Bryan has put into a lot of hard work in organising the talks. He even call us 1 by 1. If u want to bring anyone along just tell Bryan and pay him lor. I also agree better don't bring children. Unless they can sit quietly during the class which I doubt so. If you can, don't bring so others won't be disturb.

*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi all thanks so much for ur support.

Hehehe as currently is one man show, but now i have make my first step to improve the labels, which turns out very nice. Next step is update my old website ahahhaha, anyone know anyone who do website not so expensive one, let me know ok.

Oh all my public workshop will be $5 registration fees ok. Thanks jamie and Janice

u are very helpful:>

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

My friend, Azlan, is doing freelance on graphics and basic web design. He maybe able to help you on revamping your website. You can contact him at 98561248 for further discussion. :)