Friday, September 21, 2007

Bryan on Air with Violet---2007

Article: 2007

I am very fortunate to met so many Gui Ren in my course of work.
I am very touched for the help rendered to me from Violet Fengyin and Yong Mei. Although, I do not appear very often in LOVE 97.2 FM, the two nice ladies have always guide me during recordings and allow me to share so many things with listeners.
Not forgetting all listeners out there, all of you are so interesting and fun people. I am happy to know all of you as my friends. Let's learn and aged together gracefull :)
I will always try my very best to answer all your questions thru emails, iweekly and sms.
The weather is very weird hot and damp now. I cook green bean with barley today so it can help me to prevent dull skin, acne, and water retentions and tired joints.
Simply buy 30 cents green bean, 50 cents english barley and water depends. Boil until the green bean can see yellow meat, turn off the fire. This is the time where the green bean has detox effect. If you boil it for too long, it becomes more on cooling effect. Drink the soup. For me, I will only take a little of the beans. I normally drink the soup only because too much beans in stomach can cause wind.
Gosh...Some of my supporters saw my news in Spain and Germany. Ahahahha , think I was talking about red dates that time in a press conference ahahhaa...... (can anyone who saw the news do me a favour, cut the news and mail to me? Heheee...Thanks!)


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi, i have tried this soup before, i helps my puffy eyes too. Will come down to ur 19 Oct workshop, is super fun, i heard from my boss, u know the plastic company.......

see u.


chongkenny said...

Attended your workshop in our company TNT, you are great, currently i am in Japan, my wife and myself wish you all the best. I strongly recommend bryan's workshop for companies who concern for health for ur staff. Is a rare kind of workshop u can never find elsewhere. Why hire a boring speaker to your company....

Mr and Mrs Chong

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

u mentioned that too much beans in stomach may cause wind, how abt eating barley withe barley water?


Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi say barley ok, bean may cause problem in class today.

Cheers.... bryan lao shi, today is part two and end of our class. I will remember forever and is a great experience for me this two weeks.

Oh the serum A i know is cannot be used by sensitive skin people thanks for telling, and u are sincere. I know your worries in selling serum not seeing people. I think all of us here should take note bryan lao shi two serum one all skin type , one not for very sensitive skin , u all must also tell him if he has no chance to see your face. I tried his serum and slimming serum i really good. And thanks for everything , u bring happiness to our life.

Mary Hee

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have tried the vita serum works so well for my skin as i do not have sensitive skin. Will now try the antoaging skin one. Bryan lao shi, i am home now from the workshop, i can see you sweating, and showing ur leg and show us the acupressure point. I am very touched by ur sincerity too. Thanks alot. Dont worry, i use aroma oil before, actually this quality of oil i bought in UK before and is more expensive, i know ur price is very low already. thanks for ur effort. The fengmeng xue method is really good for flu thanks

ai lee

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi,

Thanks for the 21 Sep talk. It was very enlightening and u are very entertaining. :)

Please remember to give us the exact address of where we can get the wooden comb hor. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The address is:
Hwa Yi Investments Co. Pte Ltd 36 Temple Street #01-05
42 Pagoda Street

Anonymous said...

fren, you are simply amazing. Your achivements astound me.

Cheers Cel :)

Anonymous said...

Can also get wooden combs from
2/35 Pagoda Street. It is a small
stall opp the Indian temple along
Pagoda St. U can't see d number unless u r very observant but u can see some combs hanging on the wall when u look inside.

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi i am really amazed by what u are doing, and by looking my eyes and face, u can tell what health problem i have. Also 2 of my friends too have the same feeling. I think u re gifted and humble. You are so nice , tell us to see doctor, rather tell us to buy things. And also taught us normal foodcure for our problem and accupressures.

Please continue your good work.

Hi all those who read this blog, should encourage people to attend his first timer talk on 19 Oct. Is an eye opener.

Serum is fine for me although i have sensitive skin but again i will listen to ur advice to switch the to aging one.


Anonymous said...

Lao shi despite of your heavy schedule in part time auditing, teaching yoga, and giving coorporate talks,

Organising and giving a workshop in public needs alot of effort and you are so kind enough to call individual to come.

I am touched by what you have done, all own effort, only your mother helps u. I must say your mother and you has very nice skin. I want to age gracefully like your mother too. And i think your skin at ur age now is perfect, even you swim few times a week.

My back pain has recovered since i have tried the 3 oil method. As for slimming serum, i will let you know one month later.


XueLi said...

Bryan Laoshi,

May I know whats Tien Qi flower, and how to boil the tea? This year I ate a lot of mooncakes bcos now i know how to bake my own mooncakes le ma! So i need the tea to go with....

Thank you

richard said...

HI bryan lao shi mention in class, tien qi flower no need boil, put 5 flower in mug and pour in boiling water steep for 15 mins.

i tried helps my sore throat.

Anonymous said...

Hi bryan this is my first time reading ur blog. I didnt know there is such a talent in Singapore. My friends attended your workshop and inspired about your work, now she do alot of reading on natural therapy.

Thanks for sharing. My friend tried the 3 oil method for my knee pain, i am so much better now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Can let us know more about your 8-hour course? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

hey bryan , the new anti aging serum soothe my skin and today my skin look more hydrated. I think may be in future you should include a instructions in the bottle. Because some order from you may not attend ur workshop before.

I feel this is a very good serum. so just add some instructions in it , it will be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

My mum is wondering where can she buy the dried carnation flower from ? She went to Teck Soon medical shop at chinatown but cant find it there.

Thanks ! :)


Anonymous said...

H Bryan

May I know how to cook the si shen soup you mention earlier in your blog. Can add rock suger?
Do you have any good moisturizer to recommend for dry skin. I use the estee lauder but it is expensive.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bryan,

I attended the workshop on 21 Sep night. Can you tell me what is the oil that was applied on our
right arm?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan laoshi

For the benefit of those who are not able to listen to your radio show, please tell us how you cook your shan yao porridge. Thanks


Anonymous said...

si shen soup is describe clearly how to cook in previous blog please read.

Shan yao porride, just but $1 of shan yao from wet market. Remove skin and cut to pieces add, rice to cook to porridge.

Hi all those who read bryan's blog, he very good le prepare many information inside plus giving alot good workshop. So sometimes if can check before asking questions. And si shen soup did he say add sugar, for hundreds over year si shen soup where got add sugar one

Lao shi, i want to say your rose geranium water is one of the best thing iuse in skin care product thanks for introducing us


Anonymous said...

Thanks KPO Tan. Besides shan yao can add anything else to the porridge or not.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bryan Lao Shi!

I tried making the green bean and barley water today to drink.

Just like to ask, can I add another new round of hot water just to soak to current green bean and barley (without boiling again coz you mentioned if cook too long will be too be "cooling") after I finished the 1st round? I felt kind of wasteful if I throw away the ingiedients just after 1 use. Or are there other uses for the ingiedients after making the soup?

Another thing to mention, after making the 1st round, I let it cool down b4 drinking, but by then the barley "soak up" alot of the soup, I cook using i.e 4 bowls of water, now I left with just 2 bowls of soup to drink, and it become kind of "thick" texture too, is it okie to dilute with water?

Thank you for your advice. Hope you have a great day!