Monday, September 17, 2007

Launch of Anti-aging serum

Moisturising, anti-aging, anti-irritation collagen serum

Hi, if you have been using my skin vita facial serum for uneven skin tone, you can now alternate with this new serum. Derived from my research findlings, I will have 2 types of serum. One is for uneven skin tone, which is to be used for 1-2 months. The other one is for anti-aging, whereby you can use as long as you want. MC king will be using and see what he has to say :) Previously he told me the skin vita serum was really good.

Skin vita serum (check previous blog--- freckles blemishes uneven tone) $45
Antiaging Collagen serum ---$68 read below.

This is a liquid gel type facial serum, which will provide you with a silky
smooth feel. Immediately moisturising, this serum base protects the skin and the marine collagen and seaweed extract helps rejuvenate skin cell to improve firmness and reduce wrinkles. The Portulaca and Green Tea extract also help minimise irritation and uneven colour.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Aloe Juice, Marine Collagen, Apple Extract, Melon Extract, Xanthan Gum, beta Glucan, Portulaca Extract, Carbomer, Jojoba Vegetable Oil, Evening Primrose Vegetable Oil, Rose hip Vegetable Oil, Grape Seed Extract, Seaweed Extract, Green Tea Liquid Extract.


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi ur previous serum is really good, my skin tone is better and i am finishing a bottle soon, so now i can switch to this antiaging serum right?

mei yi

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan that time i asked whether i can use this whitening serum u say skin sensitive cannot i was so upset. Because my colleagues use ur serum already feel son good and better skin. Now ur new serum can my sensitive skin take it.... thanks alot


cw said...

hi bryan,

yes, i also want to know, my skin abit easily irriated, red, a bit sensitive, can i order this serum??

Anonymous said...

hey bryan, thanks for introducing this new serum. i am sure it will be as best selling as your skin vita serum!

btw i have something need to ask you, will contact you later.


Anonymous said...


Can alternate the vita serum and collagen serum every night?


Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi i have sensitive skin, thanks for telling me not to use the serum A, but now u have this new serum for all skin type , i am so happy. order from u soon.


Anonymous said...

the new serum is good and my sensitive skin can enjoy it thanks bryan lao shi

kai li

MK said...

How can I purchase the Skin Vita Serum?