Saturday, September 15, 2007

Very Fun Workshop 14 Sep FULL HOUSE

Yesterday has been a very heart-warming sessiont for me to meet 80 listeners. Everyone is a first timer to this workshop.
I am very touched that all of you listened so attentively and respected my research. All of us had a good time laughing togething as we learned so many things, from body aches to common illnesses. Thanks, folks!

May I remind everyone to please start doing the breathing exercise I have taught. I have emailed my notes out.

This year, I have specially designed 2 different workshops to cater to 97.2 listeners and the public. Part 1 is "Beauty and Health with Bryan" (for first timer) . Part 2 is "Get Young With Bryan".

So if you had attended Part 1, you can just come for Part 2, which is this 21 Sep 2007, next friday. Left 15 more seats. Register fast.

For those who attended yesterday, I will arrange a class in October just for you.

Juice for the day (Anti-Aging and Beautify Skin)

Apple 1, Strawberry 2, Tomato 1.

3 times a week to have whitening effect, radiant skin.


Anonymous said...

It was one of the best relaxing and informative workshop i ever attended. I am an auditor too, attended many so call doctors and professors workshop. Yours is the best bryan lao shi. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Hi i agree with Sandy, is not easy to bring 80 people in class for attention in 2 hours.

At first i thought is 2 hour too long. Oh my God, islike 10 mins, time flies in your class. Is like a talk show.. and pack with goodies plus alot of positive thinking component in it.

Two thumbs up. I love your oil and the design is cool


Anonymous said...

Lao shi,

your workshop is indeed international, is a blessing i am able to rush down to attend. Is an eye opener. Your happy aura , make us so relax and not fake....

ehhehehe, and ur mom although 62 look so young, i must do facial steamin today

Anonymous said...

hey do u know any ways such that the green veins at the back of ur knee area there, at be rid of?

Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi, i have tried the 3 oil method for back pain, it really works well for me. Thanks alot for sharing with me, Because i also have this back pain for more than 2 years. Now at least i have another way to release the pain effectively

guo liang

Bryan Gan Beauty, Health, Team Building Instructor said...

green veins is abit tricky. But normally a blend of lavendula, rosemary and grapefruit with coocnut oil or body lotion can help. But u do not massage heavily at the vein area and do not press on the vein it will worsen, just apply and rub the lotion into the vein area lightly.

10ml coconut oil 2 drop rosemary, drop lavendula, 1 drop grapefruit pink. Mix well,

everyday apply this abit on the area. the mixture can be kept for 3 months.

Anonymous said...

Bryan laoshi

Can the above method also apply to corn on the sole of the feet?


Anonymous said...

Hi bryan lao shi

I think write the wrong email add. to u i never receive the note,pls can u email 1 to me email

trouble auntie
shao yin

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

I have heavy eye rings but the funny thing its more obvious during weekdays than weekends leh (hehe...) but my eye rings are like blue black unlike those black in color. I have a colleague who said that mine is due to me wearing spectacles (from her experience, she claim) rather than lack of sleep etc.
Is it possible? cos i do feel uncomfortable wearing spect always and eyes get tired easily doing PC work. How 2 know wht cos my eye rings?
And any solution for broken capillaries shown in face?
Please advice.

Thanks Alot

Anonymous said...

Hi lao shi
I tried facial steaming yesterday night, this morning i feel my face smooth, bright & even .....i never feel that good effect long ago, becaue i tried many product can't get good effect like u teach. The fo shou guo soup is good Thks alot

shao yin