Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thanks for the flower Listener 972

I am very shocked to receive flowers from you. Love 97.2FM listeners. Yesterday's live programm was really fun with Feng Yin Violet.
Along my courseof work, I met very nice and helpful friends and I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to this group of friends, who have help me all these years.
Thanks to my art director Edric, Music director Ian Lee, Love 97.2Fm, I-weekly and SingTrain Academy Wendy. I believe friendship and sincerity is extremely important in one's person life. No matter how far we go, having people with the same frequency around you is really important.
I am still improving myself and my work. Lately, I have make improvements to my packaging because my research oil is going international.. New packaging will be coming out next month.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I hope that the change in packaging doesn't lead to change in prices? "bo li duo xiao" (low profin margin but selling a lot) is a smart business strategy. I've yet to try your serum, but since so many pple are raving about it, I sure try...And if it really works fr me, u bet I'll be yr loyal customer...:)

Anonymous said...

HI i have all ur 7 bottles of oil, and facial serum and slimming serum. What can i Say, is really good product. Thanks for your effort

Anonymous said...

Bryan i love to share with you, my blemishes has reduced. Also my leg pain has been better. Keep up the good work,please be on radio longer. Is really funny


Camille said...

Hi Bryan lao shi,

Congratualation to you, your research oil is going international.

I really like your product, it help to improve my skin. Thanks

Anonymous said...

hallo bryan, i think your new label design looks quite nice, and will suit your new international market too. it is always good to keep improving on your goods. the current labels on your oil bottles that i bought from you tend to fade or smudge after a while, so it would be nice to have waterproof labelling. and don't worry about a slight increase in price to factor in your packaging. as long as not too expensive haha! we will all still support you, don't worry ok?


Anonymous said...

Lao shi u deserve a loud applause. I find your blog very useful and your workshop brings happiness to alot of people.

I will be contacting you to come to our company to give a wellness talk.

To alot of people they think a 2hour workshop is long. But your workshop once attended seems 2 hour is like 10mins..... is really good.

Keep up the good work.

jai xin