Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Beauty, Soup tasty and for tummy too

I was an auditor for 10 years. Maybe due to the nature of my job, I tend to be more particular and careful at quality especially where natural therapy, foodcure is concerned. I enjoyed doing research on Chinese medicine and will always visit Chinese doctor for health maintenance. Throughout the years, I have compiled a list of the Chinese TCM doctors and herbal shops in Singapore, which I think they are are pretty good in terms of knowledge, conducts, professionalism and charges etc. I like to go to different acupuncturist to experience their skill and learnt from them. Some doctors go by the book.....but some doctors based on experienced...some blur like sotong and can actually forget to remove the needles from my body...some like to boast a lot about their skills...

There's one Chinese physician who left a very good impression in my head. This physician works with a compassionate heart. He is very humble, willing to share, responsible and skillful. He is a qualified TCM doctor with certificate. So far, on my listing of good TCM doctors, I can only find less than 5 Chinese physicians like him in Singapore. I am still finding :)

Beauty & health soup
The green fruit is called Buddha hand (Fo Shou Guo). It is a very good fruit for beauty skin and tummy problem. You can get this fruit from the wet markets. Malay and Indian friends can just pronounce it, as Fo Shou (show) Guo to the vegetable sellers.

Ingredients: 1 Fo Shou Guo, 2 honey dates, A tablespoon of Nan Xin (Almond seed from medical shop). 300 gram of pork ribs (or chicken bone). About 1.5 to 2 litres of water. Boil using small fire for an hour.

Properties: Strengthen stomach, reduce cough phlegm, Almond seed (Nan xin) --affect lung and large intestines, lubricates lungs suppress cough and relieve asthma

Aroma oil to help reduce cough, phlegm and boost immune system:
Bryan's Lavendula vera and Eucalyptus radiata, using the hair dryer method. Click here for details


Anonymous said...

hi bryan, is a interesting soup, i will go hunt for it tomorrow. Thanks for all your tips, i agreed with u about chinese doctors.

I love ur lavendula vera and eucalyptus, my son sinus has improve alot. Also i have stopped him for from taking fruits at nite as per ur advice. He is so much better now.


Cammi said...

Hi Bryan,

your green clay mask is really fantastic, after 1 use, u can really c the different, skin get soomther,firmer and it really purfier my skin. Thanks Bryan.

Serene said...

Hi Bryan,
my son (12 years old) hv sensitive eye (itchy) even eye drop also cannot cure. Any remedy. Thanks

Anonymous said...

hi bryan lao shi,
i want to ask u if there is any cure for 'lao hua yan'?

Anonymous said...

hi bryan,
i want to ask u if you have put any information of the knee aching on ur blog. i cannot find.

Anonymous said...

can u tell us the TCM names...

i used to go dr yeo at novena there, but too expensive so i stopped