Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beauty and Nourishing dessert soup

Hi all. I sincerely apologised for not being able to reply promptly to all your emails. Just completed 7 workshops last week. My "beauty sleep" is only 4 hours per day because of my work load. Many people asked me how did I managed to maintain an energetic and glowing skin with such a busy schedule.
Well, beauty and good health doesn't come by without effort. Remember the "V & W" breathing exercise that I taught you during my workshop on my 19th Oct and on radio? (see previous post)
On top of this breathing exercise, I am going to show you another nourishing recipe today. You see, a lot of people misunderstood that if you sleep less, your body will tend to be heaty and you will start to drink a lot of cooling tea. Yes, it helps initially but if you drink too much cooling tea, it weakens your body. Therefore, a nourishing tea which is neither heaty nor cooling is better. I drink this nourishing tea 4 times a week. For those who have never attended my workshop before, please register fast for my workshop on 16th Nov. I will teach you how to do the "V & W" breathing exercise :)

Beauty Nourishing dessert soup
Simple ingredients but if combine differently will produce different effect. Exam is here again for the kids, this will be a good drink for them too.

One white fungus, lotus seed (red type call "Siang Lian Zhi") 1 big tablespoon each. Figs (the white color type)(wu hua guo) 4 cut to half. 1 sweet date (Mi Zao) and water. Boil big fire for 5mins and small fire for 20 mins. Remember to immerse white fungus in water for 20mins and cut away the root before you cook.

I received many enquires and requests from schools and companies for workshops on body wellness and relaxation. Thank you very much for your kind support. Feel free to drop me an email at info@omhealth.com for workshops and product list.


Anonymous said...

hi laoshi
your recipe for soup for exam kids just in time. thanks.
also would like to comment on your recipe (2 strawberries, 1 apple, 1 tomatoe) for skin whitening is great. i blend them without ice and eat everyday cause i don't hv juicer. your anti-aging serum is fantastic combine with the above fruits intake.
thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

hi bryan laoshi
heard over the radio that your mom had a fall, hope she is fine now. take good care of her and yourself.

Anonymous said...

hello bryan 老师



Anonymous said...

lao shi the facial serum antiage one produce very good results for my skin. thanks alot.

A very good quality product.

3 oil method is cool, my neck pain has recovered, after all these years.

Thanks for coming to our company to give workshop


mc said...

Hi Bryan,

I think I need badly for all the soup and desert that u said here ... I really need sleep and rest . .

Has been working since 3 weeks ago (DAILY) can die .. .I wanna drink ...