Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bryan in Taiwan Holiday and congee recipe to combat cold & flu

Hi all, I will be at Taiwan from today till 11 Oct 07. In the mean time, spend some time to go through my previous post. I will share with you more beauty & health tips when I am back from Taiwan next week.
You can still continue to email me during this period. My new helper will assist me to consolidate all your questions and I will reply you one by one when I am back.

This guy is known Sir Li Shi Zhen. I will be starting a course soon in January on herbs and foodcures. Do stay tune to my blog now and then. Since is my birthday this month, I am giving out attractive prizes for correct answers to a quiz. Tell me the date of Sir Li Shi Zhen's birthday and who is he. The first 10 who email me the correct answer will get the prize.

If you need any aroma oil and products, you can start to email me now. Once I am back, fresh stock will arrive. (flora water, vita serum, antiaging serum)

Now is exam period and many parents stressed till flu. So before I leave, let me introduce one congee to fight cold and flu.

Cold, Tiredness and Flu congee

6 slices of fresh ginger; 3 scallion roots (cong Bai); ½ cup rice .

Prepare the rice in 4 cups of water. While the rice is still hot, add scallions and ginger. Bring the entire mixture to boil, cover it. Simmer for 5 mins. Eat this congee on an empty stomach, twice a day for 2 days. This congee should induce slight sweat , which indicate the condition has improved.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan lao shi

Cau u pls announce to winner in your blog.


mc said...

Have a super happy holiday bro ...


Nicole Hah said...

hi Bryan 老師﹐


Anonymous said...

hi teacher bryan, i am mrs. ng, can your blog translate into chinese wording? because i don't really understand. i am chinese educated. thank you very much... =)