Sunday, October 7, 2007

[Edric] Quiz Closed | Blessings For Bryan In Taiwan

Hi Folks, I am Edric Hsu, one of Bryan's assistants during his workshops as well as the Art Director of Omhealth.

While Bryan is currently still in Taiwan, I will be helping him monitor the blog posts in the meantime.

We have already received many of your emails with the correct answer to his "Li Shi Zhen" quiz (see previous entry), so the quiz is officially closed.

But as Bryan will not have Internet access over there, he will only read and reply to your emails and announce the winners of the quiz after he returns on 11th Oct 2007.

However, as some of you might be aware, Taiwan is suffering one of the worst Typhoons right now.

Let's all send our prayers, blessings and positive thoughts to Bryan and all the people in Taiwan, for the Typhoon Krosa to clear up as soon as possible and cause as little destruction and inconvenience as it could.

And may Bryan have an enjoyable rest of the trip in Taiwan.



XueLi said...

Hi Edric

May God bless Bryan Laoshi and all citizens of Taiwan with peace & hope he has a nice trip there. Please send our regards to Bryan Laoshi.


Anonymous said...

Hi Edric,

Let pray no disaster in Taiwan, please....GOD! Hope Bryan & the people there is safe. Take care Bryan Teacher.


Anonymous said...

Hi Edric,

You look familiar, are you the one in starhub commercial? Your blog is nice with nice food.

Lastly hope Bryan Lao Shi enjoy his trip. :-)


Edric Hsu said...

Hi folks,

Thanks for your prayers and blessings, hopefully the Typhoon situation everywhere is cleared up already due to our collective positive energy! :)

And Jane, yes I was in one of the recent Starhub ad campaigns, hope you liked it! Thank you for visiting my blog too! :)