Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bryan's Aroma acupressure Yoga Class

Helloo!! How's everybody this morning? Hope its good :D
Just a few days ago, I mentioned that I will be conducting an aroma exercise class. Good news for those who have registered. I have successully booked a studio for this class. It will be a fun and relaxing session with music and aroma exercise developed by me. The studio can accomodate 30 people. Only 10 places left. So hurry and register now at

Bryan's Aroma Exercise Class (2 lessons). I will email to the 20 participants who have registered within this two days for comfirmation.

Date : 1st December and 8th December
Attire: Casual pants and T-shirt (round neck) and one long towel.
Fees: $15 per head per lesson, so two lessons will be $30
Venue: Cairnhill CC dance studio
Duration: 1.5 hours

Things you will learn during the class: Body movement, correct stretching, Yoga posture for slimming and improving skin texture, Yoga and body movement for reducing body pain. Music & dance therapy for releasing stress (Bryan Butterfly dance-- created by me & was featured in Sunday times). Last time I used fan in this dance, but this time new pattern - No fan :)

Bryan Gan: Founder of Dance and Scent therapy and in Singapore; Founder of Butterfly Dance Ki therapy.


Anonymous said...

嗨! 老师,,


我想请教你我脸部的问题该怎么解决, 该怎么样让你看到它的情况??



Anonymous said...

Hi bryan,
Aroma class conduct on saturday?what time?

Flying fish said...

Hi Bryan,

I worked on Sat mornings.

So wonder what time are your lessons before I register.

Also, u mentioned 10 places left.
Anymore avail??