Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Upcoming events news

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Hi all. I have prepared 2 more courses (Touch Therapy & Massage Therapy) for those who have attended my Part 1 & 2 workshops. Due to my busy schedule, I can only conduct these 2 new courses next year. After completing the above 4 courses, you will be qualified to enrol for a certificate in pain relief massage cums aromatherapy test. I will clock the hours for you. You will be issued with a certificate approved by SDF & WDA, given by SingTrain academy.

Such certification course in the market will be $1000 plus. I just try my best to help you all ah.
I am now busy planning volunteer work at Old folks home next year to perform hand reflex for old people. Those who are interested, do email me with title " Volunteer work".

I still have 10 more seats for this friday workshop (First timer). Email me to register. The closing date is tonight.

Upcoming events
Date : 1st Dec and 8th Dec
Course: Bryan acupressure, dance exercise course
Full house: A total of $30 for 2 lessons. Those have registered please take note.
A workshop for health purposes. It includes various self massage techniques, acupressure and exercises to overcome body pain. Combination of music, body-movement and aroma. It will be at Toa Payoh Safra

Date: 14th Dec 2007
Course: Beauty and Health with Bryan Part 1 (First timer only) ($5)
Still have 30 seats.

Date: 21st Dec 2007
Course: Get younger with Bryan (Part 2). Those who have attended attended Part 1, u are ready to attend this part 2. Will share with u on various methods to slow down ageing process.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laoshi

I am really very excited about the Certificate Course. You mean the workshops we attended last time will entitle us to attend a certificate couese?


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan laoshi,

I noticed your courses are usually in the evening. I wonder whether you can arrange it in the morning. I sure many housewives like me whose children are at school would then be able to join your classes. Pls consider. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi bryan

what if i can only attend 1st dec class but not 8th dec?

pay $15??

*Bryan Gan* said...

Halo , i cracking my head for 2 days, because i have reduced the 4 lessons to 2 lessons. And i have book the studio for 2 days. If you can only come for one lesson, i feel that may be u come for my another 2 lessons course, i dont wan just because to earn fees and not responsible. It needs 2 lessons to complete a set of 5 element exercise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

I agree with the above housewife she say to hold the course either in the weekday morning or afternoon so that we housewives can attend.

Anonymous said...

Hi all for your information, bryan lao shi, conduct all timing before he, also got conduct weekday morning before. So i think just let you plan. He is one man show.... Really taxing to you. He also need to earn leaving by giving talk in companies. All the $5 workshop is his extra commitment .

Jennifer lim

Anonymous said...

bryan i want to feedback, that the 2 oil method and fengmen xue helps my sinus. Doctor say no cure and use spray all the time. And now i found relief just using Home DIY thanks.. u re great .


Anonymous said...

what about non-housewives, how to attend weekdays morning n afternoon..

so bryan laoshi has to divide 2 for housewives and one for non-housewives,this way he can please more people

he is only one man show. it would be considerate of us to accomodate his timings than for him to accomodate so many diff timings..