Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Relationship Break-off

It is normal to experience sadness arising from a break off in relationship at least once in our lifetime. Have you ever feel a heart piercing pain when you lose that special someone whom you really love and care for, and then you keep asking yourself, "WHY WHY WHY?"
Emotional turmoil can lead to stress and the following health problems:

I hope those who are experiencing sadness right now, can be strong and take good care of yourself. You may wonder why I am writing all these. For the past few months, I witnessed too many sad endings, happening to couples around me....
Everyone has a beautiful dream. Give yourself some time and you will meet the right person at the right time. God will send you that special someone who deserve you more.

Aromatherapy combine with touch- therapy can do lots of wonders. Add 1 drop of Bergamot & Frankincense into a bowl of warm water. Immerge both hands into the warm water for 15mins. Close your eyes and enjoy the aroma from Bergamot & Frankincense. It will bring one's emotion to stable, 抗沮丧. After 15minutes, wipe dry both hands. While both your hands are still warm and with the aroma lingering on your hands, put one hand on your forehead and the other hand on your heart area. Rest and relax....

You can get these oils from health shops. Personally, I prefer Bergamot from Italy and Frankincense from Egypt. Most importantly, relax and learn to move on ok. I have tried Bergamot from Morugal, USA and Australia but I still prefer the one from Italy.

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