Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bryan Lao Shi's findings on wrinkles ---- Part 2 of 4

The long awaited Neroli facial oil has finally arrived!
The reason for the long wait is because I want to make sure the oil is less then 7 days from the day I blend it till the day you received. Those who are attending my Part 2 workshop this friday will get to learn a massage technique using Neroli Oil for youthful skin. This is a close up picture of me after doing facial massage using my Neroli blend. Glows right. Some people thought I am 26 years old. Hahahahahhhaa. ME way past 26 years old already. Well, no need to envy me, you too can achieve youthful skin if you are willing to put in some effort.

The workshop on 14th December is meant for first timer. So u can start registering now. Workshop on 9th Nov (part 2) is full house.

Bryan Lao Shi's Neroli flora oil is blended with First Grade Apricot kernel. (5 years of research)
Apricot kernel oil is a fine textured oil and it is easily absorbed by the skin without leaving it feeling oily. Due to its fine texture, the oil spreads easily over the skin. Apricot Kernel oil is high in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, and rich in both linoleic and oleic acid. It also help to soothe inflammation and particularly beneficial for dehydrated, delicate, mature and sensitive skin.
Neroli oil is a very expensive oil. It is distilled from the freshly picked flowers. Under optimum growing conditions, a large tree can produce up to 60 pounds of fresh flowers. Timing is crucial; the flowers lose their oil very quickly when plucked from the tree. Excessive handling and bruising greatly diminishes the quality and quantity of this precious botanical oil. I have given a very detailed description of Neroli oil in my previous post.
NOTE: The lifespan of this blend is 6 months from the month you purchased. Don't worry if you can't finish the oil within 6 months, you can still use it on body or as a bath oil.
Anti-wrinkle skin toning nourishing techniques (3 times a week in evening)
After washing your face or after spraying flora water, apply the neroli facial oil while your face is still damp. Put about 2 to 4 drops of Neroli oil onto palm and rub both palms till warm. Then use your hands to massage upwards for 1 minute and dap off the excess oil with tissue. Then Go to Sleep....Zzzzzz.....
I will do this facial massage thrice a week and once a week, I will use a warm towel to cover my face for a minute after a facial massage.
Trust me, your skin will be silky smooth, without any help from chemical ingredients. You will notice the difference on the second day.


Anonymous said...

i personally love neroli smell alot. I think is a very good oil to help a person to sleep well too.


Anonymous said...

I must say that your blend of neroli oil is really good for body and mind.

I have used it for 2months. I see great results from my skin.

Thanks bryan lao shi