Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bryan's health & beauty method using wooden comb

Hi. I will be on FM 97.2 this afternoon 2pm and will be sharing with you the benefits of a wooden comb.
During my workshops, I will also share with my participants how to use a wooden comb to improve health. This wooden comb is called Wang yang wood and it has a long history behind it. There are many fake ones in the market. Buy the real one, is only $10.

The LAST EMPRESS OF CHINA BEAUTY QUEEN at age of 80 still have skin of young lady.

清朝慈禧太后专用常州产的黄杨木梳 at 公元1915年,在美国举行的巴拿马和平展览会上,常州梳篦获得过银质奖。 黄杨是一种名贵木材,民间有“鸟中之王称凤凰,木中之王为黄杨”之说。医书上说“黄杨能治头痛病”。所以用黄杨木梳梳头,防病治病,早已盛行于民间.


Bryan and Empress Cixi combination technique for health and beauty
Lavendula Vera and Rosemary when combine with wooden comb has very good effect for health problems related to fatigue, insomnia, over use of brain and anxiety.
Lavendula and rosemary affect the lung, spleen, liver and kidney meridians

Directions: Add 1 drop of Rosemary and Lavendula Vera on the wooden comb. Rub the oil against the comb. Use your index finger to mix well. Do this once a week. Use your wooden comb to comb your hair 2 minutes everyday.

Health beauty set: 1 wooden comb, 1 Lavendula Vera 12ml and 1 Rosemary Spanish 12ml. $60 for the whole set.
For all orders, drop me an email at
with your mobile number and I will post to you.


Ll XINYI Ll said...

where can i buy the comb??please reply

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
If I order the health beauty set, how should I make the payment?
From michelle

Riona said...

Hi Bryan!
On 7/11/07, U mentioned on Love 972 that there is a toothbrush which is good quality that cost two dollars.May I noe what brand is it?

Xueli said...

Hi Bryan laoshi

how are you?
heard your prog on air todae. The remedies you taught really helps alot. Bryan laoshi, i also want to try the brush u mention, please advise. Thank you.

hi xinyi

Bryan laoshi already posted on his blog that u can order a health beauty set from him. It consists of 1 wooden comb, 1 Lavendula Vera and 1 Rosemary Spanish.

Maybe you can try..
If u only want the wooden comb, u can get it from Chinatown. Thanks

Hi Michelle

I usually post Bryan laoshi a cheque. Thanks

sallyneo said...

Hi xin yi u must be new to bryan lao shi programme, may be hor when u ask him u should ask more polite, he really do alot of things for us. U should not put

Please reply ?? is abit blunt. No offence ok. Because we benefits alot from histalk and programme and sometimes he dont even sleep alot and update blog very regularly, the least we can do is to be polite to him. How do u feel when i post a comment in your blog.


Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi is busy with this friday workshop. Oh normally i order the items thru email to bryan lao shi my address and mobile.hE WILL POST TO us, and is very fresh.

Sally ah, no la u very fierce la, xinyi just ask no offence one la.


Anonymous said...

HI all, the toothbrush is systema from watson, i find the toothpaste also very good and cheap. I feel very good using the toothbrush. U may like it. Also is from LION brand JAPAN.... . A brand i think when we are young we have used before. Take a look ok.
Lately i bought a so call toothpaste from china say got herbs, but when i use i find that i have mouth ulcer, scary, i stop using le.

Many have feedback that the noodle i introduce is good. well have fun

James said...


May I know which shop in Chinatown to get this 黄杨wooden comb? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,can someone advise the shop that sell the genuine wang yang wooden comb.Like to buy for my son, his is thinning.thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, bryan sometimes will help you buy. And u can get from him this coming friday his workshop at cairnhill CC.

I got mine in his class, really must go for his class so fun.


Riona said...

Thanks alot for ur reply regarding to the toothbrush.Thanks, Bryan Laoshi!

Anonymous said...

I can't make to his class, any alternatives to get the comb? Thanks all

Xueli said...

hi anonymous

theres a shop along Temple St Chinatown selling lots of wooden combs, u can go and try. Our Bryan Laoshi is so popular that the owner knows him too...