Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Primary school - Ai Tong ; Introducing Petitgrain

Hi everybody, I am extremely excited today becos I will be going back to my Primary School to give a workshop on body wellness and positive thinking!! Time flies. It was more than 20 years ago when I was in Primary One. Folks, if you happen to be in primary one from Ai Tong in 1979, do leave a message here okie :)

Today, I will introduce you a new oil called, Petitgrain and is meant for my school, Ai Tong. I will mention this new herb in Radio and Magazine soon.
Petitgrain is another product from the Orange tree. So from Orange tree we get Neroli oil, orange oil and Petitgrain.

Petitgrain smell really nice and sweet. A lot of perfumes and colognes contain this oil. Petitgrain helps to relax muscles, stress, anxiety, anger and also backache.

News Flash
Another reason I am feeling happy is, back in the States, Touch therapy is accepted as a healing method for patients in all hospitals.
I will also be teaching a few Touch therapy techniques in my aroma exercise class.


Anonymous said...

hi, im new to ur website. ive a few qns, hope u can help!

1) ive learnt yoga for 1mth+, is there a way to practise yoga at home on my own? i cant seem to rem all the steps learnt in the class.

2) u mentioned u found a gd eye gel in the market, can u let me know? is it as gd as la mer's?

3) ive been drinking apple cider vinegar to lose weight as some pple recommended me. it has been 1mth+, not much result yet. what's ur view on apple cider vinegar for losing weight?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah one more qn - do u ve any natural remedy for keloids? i know steriod jab can help rid keloids but too much of the jab is no gd for our body right?

Anonymous said...

bryan i love your workshop, is the best i ever attend, hope your school enjoy. So much sentimentals...

sallyneo said...

all who have attended bryan's workshop know his sincerity. Many has not paid his oil, sometimes i feel bryan your system can be taken advantage by people.

U too nice already. But again nice people are well like by God.


Anonymous said...

Getting more and more oils coming out, buy until we 'pop'. Bryan, everytime you 'invent', we have to 'invest'. Though you said buy only those you need but for each type of oil, you say until so good and a lot of us cannot resist. In the end we really burn holes and you become richer.

So what are you different from Dong Fang Billy, ask make use of the listeners' soft heart and keep asking us to pay and pay. We do understand your good intention and also to support you, so buy and buy lor. sad...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan and all bloggers,

May i know whether Bryan has any good brands of facial wash to recommend for combination skin and oily skin?


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi

I simply loved your workshops! It is so enjoyable~ Thank you so much for all the things that you shared with us. ^_^v

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous, go read the comments on the above post. Bryan lao shi has many supporters not because he sells things, he never force or ask people to. He give and give in the class. And is very patience. U may be new to this blog, this is a blog to share. He never asku buy. He even suggest people to get from outside.

I think many people's health improve due to his compassionate heart.

80 plus people are his supporter in NTU. please dont put this comments here. and stop all this.
And dont drag billy into his blog.


*Bryan Gan* said...

hi apple cider vinegar may not be too good long term because i scare u hurt your tummy , u monitor ok. I dont see it has goo results in slimming. Oh i find the eye gel from cosmopolitan is good call summer eye gel, u do a search in internet ok.

For keloids, u may try touch therapy, see whether u can find in internet, search for touch therapy for keloids ok.


Anonymous said...

lao shi jia you, hmmm anonymous, u may buy things out of rush. I know what you mean ok. But bryan lao shi never ask people to buy his things and he share with us his knowledge, and u know i am cancer patient and he so kind and teach me relax and positive thinking and i only can afford to buy a comb from temple street and he patiently teach me to relax using comb. I pray he is ok not hurt by your words. I know nothing about Billy, but u have created a very bad karma by criticing people like that, I will pray for him day and night and may you can feel his love and stop anyhow say people. And bryan u will be surrounded by group of angels and all this negative energy wil be transformed to love bounced back to the person who criticise u with love and light. U teach us in the class, spread happiness and love.

thanks we learn alot from u

jack lim

Anonymous said...

Hi bryan i read with interest your magazine and blog. It seemsthat you are blessed by four religion ahahha.

Keep up your good work. I belief your ai tong primary school is so proud of u.

I am from Deyi, your secondary school but the younger generation one.

I listen toyour radio, u are cool. And the soup u recommend is really tasty.


Lily Yip( I amitabha one) ahahahah

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian

I've been using your products for some time; and I am happy to say that I feel like a whole new person.

Keep up the good work and let your tips overflow this Xmas. Don't let a little disappointment bring you down.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Thanks for all the help and advice you have given me for the last few years. It has benefitted me and my family. My children has insisted on only using your product.

Even if i have not bought any products, you have shown concern with my health and well-being.

Thank you once again!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

So surprise dat u r fr Ai Tong.I'm from there 2. Spore is really small, like 2 visit ur web veri much but never even come across my mind, we r fr the same school.

Mayb we used 2 b classmate 2...