Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Explanation : Bryan --- Happy and Upset

Helloo!! I am very happy that I managed to go back to my former primary school yesterday and best of all, I managed to see my Maths teacher, Mrs Wong who still still look so beautiful, and Mrs Khoo, my form teacher and a Chinese teacher...... Yeah hurray!!! My wish was fulfilled :D

I always pray to God to bless all who hear and see me to be happy and well. My prayers came true. But again I cannot satisfy everyone.
Oh ya, I received a comment in my previous post by an anonymous person who had misunderstood my research and intention of introducing herbs and oils in this blog. Must be due to my poor command of English!! Please forgive me for my poor English.....Mrs khoo help me!!!
Hmmmm... actually when I used the word "Launch", I don't mean that I am selling this oil. You can also get it from any health shops in the market. I will try my best to share soup recipes, good toothbrushes, tasty noodles, vitamins etc......aiyaa everything under the sun that I find its good and affordable :D
Again, I must emphasis that I have nothing to do with all these companies. I would be a rich boy if I were to collect some commission out of it! Hahahahaa...
I use Petitgrain oil to represent my primary school. You can also get it from other health shops. The smell is really nice ^^

I will be going to KL for some voluntary works. Wish me good luck k.
If I have caused you any unhappiness or upset you for introducing oils, I will try to introduce more soup recipes in the next few postings then. I will probably continue to introduce and share new items in future but feel free to get them from other health shops. Those who know me will know that I don't ask people to buy oil from me. You can choose not to buy or simply treat it as an additional knowledge ya :D
This morning I was a bit upset but I am now ok!! Because yesterday, I received testimonials from some teachers of Ai Tong Primary school. Some of them have flu all the time and now for 6 months, no flu!!! Yippy!!!
Thank you teachers!!!!!

I believe in life no matter how good you do, there will be times where you can't satisfy everybody. I strongly believe that since life is so short, I should focus my life on happy things and create happiness for people. I am 36 this year and perhaps another 30 more years to go. 30 years can pass by very quickly and be wasted if I do not make full use of it.
Plans for voluntary work is in the pipeline. Many have registered!!! Thank you very much for your strong support!!
Well, it is free and no need to buy oil to visit HOME!!! Hahahaa
I will provide all the necessary oils for you to use.


Anonymous said...

Aiya, Bryan Lao Shi I think the person mistaken you liao.
Actually in Bryan lao shi workshop, what he mention also can buy from outside healthshop de. Sometimes when i order email to Bryan and he don't have the stock ah, I would buy from outside lor.


Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao shi, thank you for helping my husband to improve the condition for his migraine. His migrane became better after a few days after using your oils.

Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

I am very sure that the person who commented, did not attend your workshops before. During the workshop, Bryan lao shi advise us but he did not say that we must buy.

Hint: There will be a Part 1 Workshop on 14 Dec. Do try it. Its really fun!


Anonymous said...


Don't be upset, you are right,in life we cannot pleased everyone,as long as our consciences are clear ,don't have to pay attention to those untrue words.

Anyway, that anonymous lady,no one is putting a gun on your head to make you buy. Want to use buy, don't buy just be careful with your words.

Xueli said...

Dear Bryan Laoshi

i had went to read that anonymous comment which u mention. Dont get upset by those comments. If they think you are not doing the right thing, why are they here for?

So long u know what u are doing is right, dont worry what other ppl think, thats what i learnt from you from 1 of your previous post.

Be happy & just continue to do what u think benefit those who appreciates. There are still many, many ppl out there who had already beneffited from what they learnt from you and they appreciates, thats enough.


Anonymous said...

Just listen with a open mind and heart and use your own judgement and instinct to decide your decision. I strongly believe Bryan will only introduce good and useful products to us. But there're no hard and fuss rule that it's a must that we need to buy or to follow what he taught. Just listen for your own knowledge and who knows, one of these days it might come in handy.

There is a saying :"Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life."

To encourage Bryan, there's also a saying :"Don't be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you."

Lay Khim

Anonymous said...

Bryan Laoshi,

Dun get upset wif wat other ppl think & said. There are still many other ppl out there are supporting u. I am one of them.

Anyway dat anonymous lady, if u r not keen of buying nor interested in knowing, just keep ur mouth shut. And pls pls dun drag Billy into the picture. He is only do wat he need to do and help others.

Anonymous said...

"That Anonymous lady",

FYI. Bryan is just sharing with us what he has learned and is up to us to decide and believe him. He did not force everyone to buy from him. Don't tell me you are so ignorant......, just buy w/o thinking?

If you are not interested, please don't hurt anyone uncessary. He is just a normal human being as us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi,

Don't be upset, life is always up & down! You'll be blessed by many other ppl who are supporting you including myself.

Already registered for the Part 2 workshop on 21/12/07 & looking forward to see Happy Bryan :) instead of Sad Bryan :( ,ok.


Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi...cheer up..Jia You.
We are here because we believe in you and want to learn from you. This is a platform for us to learn and provide consructive feedback and help each other to grow wiser each day and bring happiness to the people ard us.
Jia You Bryan Lao Shi!
Have a great week ahead! SMILE :) a big one the muscle can relax yo!

Anonymous said...



See U :P

Anonymous said...

Bryan have safe trip to KL, and u are blessed. WE are really thankful to you and your workshops. If you need testimonials, we can can go air in the radio. You know why? you have teach me in violet 972 programm ways to relax, it save my family and my relationships. Botanical garden orchid farm is really good all should go. Bryan is not a multilevel marketing. Soemtimes it takes me ages to order oil from him because he only have herbs when there is talk.

Open your heart anonymous lady, see beyond. Go to temple or church and feel calm ok.

Christine Yip (NTUC income)


Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi,

Dun be upset and affected by the critism. We are here to give you full support. Continue what you are doing and share more good things with us.

Tat anonymous person, pl note that even if Bryan get richer, he deserves it. He put in alot of time and effort. Because of him, we, also get richer in knowledge and health.

If you want to hold to your wealth and stay rotten and poor in knowledge and health, nobody stopping you, but dun add poison into other ppl medicine and tonic.

Pl dun compare others with Bryan, he has his way of helping others, with pure compassionate.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan lao shi compassionate can not be denied. I had problem once, and he even say will go temple and pray for me. I wonder anonymous please keep cool and dont spoilt his path, and create obstacles.

Do you know his black bean soup method helps my husbadn who is a taxi driver recover from back pain because we are not rich to seek further medical. So to obstruct people who wants to learn here. This blog is a place to share and care.


Shirley wee

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I simply love your hair combine method and the oils. After using for about 2 weeks, I found that my hair is better than those in the TV commercials wor. =X I am a long hair lady, the one who sit at the 2nd row de. hee! JIA YOU

Clara See