Friday, December 7, 2007

Busy Day --- Spinach

Helloo!! Lately I have been really busy giving classes. I just came back from my workshop. It was a workshop for 200 people organised by Changi Prison. I will be discussing with them, maybe to train people to perform voluntary work at old folk homes. Is so meaningful right :D

I think I have overwork lately and forgotten to take care of my health. So I decided to eat 7 days of spinach, steamed spinach. Oh ya, not forgetting the detox juice I mentioned earlier on :)
All green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber but spinach is highest in ORAC's than any vegetables.
An ORAC is a measurement for the amount of antioxidants in a food.
Cooked spinach has more antioxidants than raw ones because it is condensed. It is low in calories and jam-packed with nutrients. Spinach should be a regular part of your daily menu.
Hey hey, did you buy WAN BAO tonight? My work has been featured in the today's Wan Bao.. hahhaa. I thank God and all Angels for giving me the strength and assistance in my work and business. I wish all who read my blog be filled with love and light. CHEERS.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

May i know how do u prepare ur spinach? After steaming, do u add any ingredients?


RenaLee said...

Hi Bryan LaoShi,

Thanks for the interesting and beneficial workshop organised by PRISON. I'm the pregnant lady in red!! I'm due soon and will definitely be joining and looking forward to your future workshops after my maternity! I'll stay tune to your blog closely to update myself. CHeers!!

Anonymous said...

Laoshi, i was amazed and really touched by your sincerity in the workshop. Many departments will contact u soon for individual departmental workshop.

Keepup the good work.

Germsinc said...


Went to the workshop organised by Prison Dept. Really enjoy your talk, you are a very funny guy...keep up the good work

Xueli said...

Bryan 老师

买晚报。。1 week ago after the 1st Dec class, already reminded myself to get it le. With the diagram in the 晚报, i can show to my friends & 'teach' them to keep up their health.

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

attended ur workshop organiseby Prison. Imagine 200 people laugh andhave fun. Is really a job well done.

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Hi lao shi, May from Prison talk, tried your facial serum, really works well on my skin. And i can see the glow on SUnday. Do send us the notes fast because we need to use the aroma oil. Thank you so much for bring joy and happiness to so many people.