Friday, December 7, 2007

Good TCM (Save Money Plan A)

Hi all. Through this blog, I hope to introduce more good and affordable stuff to more people. Earlier on, I mentioned where to get tasty wanton noodle, toothbrush etc. I will also share with you where to find skilled, compassionate and good TCM physicians at reasonable price.

One of them is Dr Koh Chin Aik. I am very fortunate to be able to interview Dr Koh, who is a very reputable TCM doctor in Singapore. He is a professor as well as a specialist TCM doctor, holding a very important post in TCM.
Usually people address him as Professor Xu. You will need to call 63230898 for an appointment if you want to seek consultation/treatment.
His address is 333 Kreta Ayer Road #01-12

Please don't ask me to make appointment for you. My role here is to share share information only. Hahahahahah.
I will make it a point to go for chinese acupuncture for general health maintenance (for spa, I DIY at home with aromatherapy) twice a month.
I visited some branded TCM before but their skills are really xxxxx and you pay double. On top of this, they ask you to buy expensive items. If you have an illness that seems difficult to be cured by western medicine, you can try TCM for a second opinion.
Dr Koh has written books and medical journal and we are very lucky to have him in Singapore. I will visit more chinese TCM in these few months and experienced them for myself :D I will introduce the ones that I feel is good to all of you :)
Prices for a lot of things has increased. Either the price increase or the ingredients shrink! So I must work harder to search for more cheap and good things! The curry puffs selling at my neighbourhood coffee shop increased its price from $1 to $1.20. I guess everybody has to make a living ...costs has also increased for these people. What can we do. Life still goes on. Attend my exercise class to let loose yourself and shout out all the stress!!! Hahahahaaaa


Anonymous said...

lao shi thanks for sharing, I must say thanks for sharing that time Mdm Ng doctor. But heath improves so much and i did not spend much. I really feel you are an angel.
thanks alot

eng lei

Anonymous said...

keep ur good work. The tooth brush u mentioned really good. And cheap, now i save $40 everymonth for whole family on tooth brush and tooth paste.

thanks lao shi.

Anonymous said...

very thanks bryan for your great information.
before that, i search many source about the best TCM doctor in singapore, but i am not sure which one is the best.

because my father got stroke, then i take my father to ang mo kio community hospital that have reputable tcm clinic, but i am not sure which is the good tcm doctor in ang mo kio community hospital.

then i search and search again in google, after that i got it, the website is

what I want to search is the tcm doctor with the best reputable in graduate especially from phd or master. And after know Dr Koh Chin Aik is the best and experience especially he is specialist in stroke, so i got the right TCM doctor.

thanks very much for your information about his address.

teckfun said...

Hi Bryan,
Any other TCM doctors that you feel is worth the recommendation? Have you tried acupuncture under Dr Koh Chin Aik?
I am trying to find the good and cheap toothbrush post! Trying to dig through your old threads.

Thanks for sharing :)