Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Color therapy

Here's the article that was featured in Wan Bao yesterday. Click on the picture to read the article. I did a color test for the journalist and accurately described her health conditions. Being a certified fengshui crystal color therapist, I used to give private consultation to test a person's health and emotion condition. Wished I have the time to can do that again. Color therapy is really fun & interesting.

I started a 5 days eye massage techniques on 3 of my friends. Their dark eye rings, wrinkles and eye bags were greatly reduced. I will demonstrate for you during this friday's workshop.

Thank you very much for all your positive feedbacks. Both the skin vita serum and moisturiser are indeed wonderful natural products.

This Saturday will be the official OPENING of my company OMHEALTH. Its a good day and timing :D I will pray for peace and happiness. Saturday is also "Dong Zhi". Folks, remember to eat and say something lucky on that day ya :p Must eat glutinous rice balls and good luck will come your way!!

Addition information: Bryan is also a certified fengshui crystal color therapist. Conducted quite a few fengshui workshops in Statutory Board. Might be conducting a workshop organised by civil service club on " How to welcome Rat year". Details will be announced shortly.

My clients for crystal color therapy include: TCS actor, Raintree production, channel newsasia, etc


Xueli said...

Bryan 老师

Congrats on the official opening of OMHEALTH.
Health, happiness & luck are always with you and family.

Your Colour therapy is very interesting. Anxious to learn your eye massage techniques too.

Merry Christmas 冬至快乐,一切顺利

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi.

Congratulation on the official opening of OMHEALTH.

Merry X'mas to you and family.

Looking forward to your part 2 workshop.

Jane Loo

Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi the facial moisturiser is perfect best moisturiser i ever tried. PLease continue to research

ah-ken said...

so amazing..

Anonymous said...

Lao shi, the facial serum is really good product. I was using a Brand serum ($210) for a year, not much result. But after trying your antiage serum my skin has so much positive effects.

I hope you can continue to research and bring us more new information.


Anonymous said...

Bryan Lao Shi, Congratulation to the opeing of your company. May I know where is your company locate?

Anonymous said...

Best moisturiser i ever use the nite one. But a suggestion . If u want to do it big, u can. Improve the bottle label ahahhaha
. Just a suggestion. But to me is good enough.


Anonymous said...

Can I know where address and telephone and opening hours. Would like to see all your products.