Friday, December 21, 2007

Bryan's exercise class - Graduation Photo

This is my first batch of students who graduated from my 5 element exercise class. All of us had a good time. I will arrange more exercise classes once my schedule is confirmed.
Tomorrow is Dong Zhi. Bryan wishes everyone a very good and auspicious day. Remember to have dinner with your family and eat at least one glutinous rice ball ok :D

Hmmm. I think many of us will be celebrating the festive seasons with all kinds of food. Some of us might be partying away with lots of food & drinks at late nites. So folks, drink this tea to maintain good health during this period. This tea acts as a good prevention herbal tea which can also help to brighten our eyes, strengthen your body system, boost up immune system, relieve uneasiness, release tiredness and delay aging process.

Ingredients for herbal tea includes:
石斛 --- 10 gram; 枸杞子15 g.
Put everything in an empty tea bag. Pour in boiling water and steep for 20 minutes. Drink it warm.

Let me know by next Monday if you wish to order any fresh aroma oil, moisturiser and serum.
Have a good weekend and happy shopping for X'mas presents!
Cheers :)


Anonymous said...

bryan laoshi, ur workshop is really good. Attended the part 2 just now. I am amaze all the antiage technique.

Keep up the good work bryan:>

Must say the serum is really good.
Sally yeo

Anonymous said...

Bryan, congrats on the official opening of Omhealth. Any ceremony? Keep up the good job! Good luck and blessings will come your way!


Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi, the facial serum and moisturiser is the best product i used. hurray

congrats on opening ur business today

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi, jia you!!! :)