Sunday, December 23, 2007

Karaoke :)

Hi everybody. Its been quite a while since I went Karoke so over the weekend, I went for one to give myself a break.
Quite a few people commented that I resembled one upcoming new Taiwanese singer. I think he is only 19 years old. Oh my god, I feel so flattered :p Hahahahahaaa. I don't believe it initially but seeing is believing right. So at the Karoke, I checked out this young singer's MTV. Gosh. This young chap can sing really well and he is far better looking then me lah. I managed to download his song from Youtube to share with all of you. Check it out folks. He got really good voice. This song is a new hit release. A bit of the oldies favour in this song & its so so so so cool. Check it out and you will know what I meant.

Thanks for all your kind support. All the moisturisers were sold out within a week. The next batch will be ready in mid January.
Bryan wishes all of you a very good happy holiday. If you drink, don't drive. If you drive, don't drink okie :D
Oh ya, for first timer who wants to register for the workshop on 11 Jan. Don't forget to do so.

My current favorite Youtube songs. One sad and one super happy one.
Check it out check it out :D (Breakup) (enchanted Dating and happy)

* More recipes out next week. Stay tune!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Lao Shi, do enjoy your Karoke and holiday season. also have a good rest.

Anonymous said...

lao shi, thanks for sharing with us so many things, love the enchanted song. Oh the chinese doctor u recommandedme for my gastric problem, is really good. And very very sincere doctor. Thanks so much foryour help. I tot i will never recover..... but now i am ok already.

keep up the goodwork. Yeah u do look like the mtv boy, when i see u in real person.

mei lin

Anonymous said...

Hi attended ur last week part 2 workshop bryan, u look young and skin is good. I love the moisturiser, i am lucky to got it. Is so good to use and skin is in good condition.

really appreciate ur effort . Plus stomach massage techniques really make my tummy flatter.


Nicole Hah said...

Bryan Laoshi,

wishing you and your lovely family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Wishing you and your family "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A BLESSED NEW YEAR"


Anonymous said...

Hello Bryan Lao Shi,

Merry Ho! Ho! Ho! Wishing you & your family members Merry Christmas & Joyful New Year!


Anonymous said...

Haha Bryan lao shi, that singer does look a bit like you. Do you sing too?

Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year ahead!


Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas to you and your family, Bryan lao shi!

Ms Wong LY

ah_ken said...

must thank me intro the song 2 u hor
glad tat u like the song oso