Thursday, December 27, 2007

Introducing "BryanVeryGoodLuck" :D

Introducing my new BLOG .
This fengshui blog will contains all the tips to have better luck, different ways to improve a person's luck using color therapy and positive affirmations in a non-superstitious way.

I started as a crystal therapist somewhere in 1996-1999. I used to perform color reading for people. With the strong interest brewing in me, I went for further education and research. Presently, I am a certified crystal fengshui therapist. I hope through this blog I can share with more people on our chinese tradition of Fengshui and health. In fact, I am so interested in this whole concept and since 1997, I started plotting a chart of those who will be affected by Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) and their overall emotions. Amazing accurate. I believed this is due to the pull of gravity that will affect a person's emotion.

I hope to share more of my findings with you all. Take note this is not a religious blog but a channel to share the Chinese traditions with everybody. Always remember be it good luck or bad luck, it depends very much on our mentality.
Above is my lucky tree and Mandarin oil to bring happiness and luck! Hahahahahahaaa :D

Fengshui is a Chinese traditional discipline which studies the way in which human beings co-exist in harmony with nature. Don't be surprise that many big gyms in Singapore also seek Fengshui consultations. I hope you enjoy reading this new blog :D

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