Monday, January 7, 2008

Juice for Beauty and Digestion

Hi all. Many have registered to attend the first timer workshop on this coming Friday (Details as at my posting dated 11 Jan). I still have some seats available. This workshop will not be held for the next 2 months because I have other plans. So do come and don't miss the chance ok. Plus a lucky gift for all.

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My antiaging collagen moisturiser will be here on Wednesday. Thanks for all your patience...

Juice for better digestion, skin and a radiant glow
Ingredients: 5 small chinese Mandarin oranges, 1 red apple, 1 slice of cabbage, 150ml water.
Squeeze out the juice from the Mandarin oranges. Cut up the red apple, remove the core. Add the orange juice to the cut apples and cabbage. Put eveything in blender. Drink it an hour after food.

This is one of my favourite juice combination especially after days of junk food from party. Sometimes I will add ice cube into the blender. Give it a try. Its delicious :D


Anonymous said...

lao shi keep up ur good work. I dont know why, i think u are really nice and friendly. I saw u at orchard today, oh my GOD u are so young.

I will attend you class next time, this friday i am having class.
I heard alot from my colleagues and now see ur real person so happy.

lei yin

Anonymous said...

hi bryan

刚从i周刊看到您的‘非一般老师’报道,很想参加您的课程,但这个星期五不能make it, 知道您接下来两三个月都没空,请问您的1st timer class 最快会在几时conduct 呢?


Anonymous said...

Teacher, i love ur workshop, is really good, i think those who attended know ur sincerity. At first when i heard 2 hour is like very long. but once i attended i find ur two hour is like 2 mins.

Cant wait for your part 3 and exercise class.


Anonymous said...

I attended your 5 element class, is really amazing good. And is so fun bryan.

Saw u in I-weekly, very nice picture and didnt know u re 36 i thought u are 26 only amazing.


Anonymous said...

I am very happy to be able to attend your workshop this friday.

I wan to comment tat the beetroot juice u have recommended was very good. My skin and fatigue has greatly improved


Anonymous said...

嗨! Bryan 老师 , 不知道你说过的 tea tree oil 那里可以买到 . 因为我在做子宫颈检察的时后发现有 yeast candida ,三年的报告都这个cell.
请你告诉我多少钱 , 怎麽用.
pleased reply to the above email address. Thank you

Anonymous said...


Pls share what beetroot juice about? how to prepare? Hv problem
with my face i.e. very oily but external is very dry. A housewife, cannot afford to hv any skin care, only use normal body shop to wash face.

Teacher, pls guide me. thks gg