Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apologise to all supporters

Hi good morning. I requested my art director, Edric to draw a rat cos I am born in the year of Rat hehhehe...
Folks, I am sorry....and I would like to apologise for

  • replying emails slow lately (today at last clear all mails)
  • delay in sending out your orders (managed to send out all orders today.)
  • Exercise class full house (remember to make payment k)

My email account was jammed and if you had emailed me in Dec but yet to recieve my reply, you can resend your email again and I will reply quickly.

I have managed to post out all orders today. All registered mails at no extra cost. I have also receive 70 floor plans for FengShui consultation. My sincere apologies as I am only a one man show, I am not able to do that. Hope you understand. I still focus a lot more on beauty and health :) I will prepare a one page website on all my products by next week. This one page website comes with nice pictures and every click will tell u the products' properties and price.

Companies, the new year has began, you can start planning talks on work life balance for your staff. Drop me an email at info@omhealth.com for a fun session of beauty & health talk.

Okie, I am going to take a nap now...... You can start to email me for any orders of oil, moisturiser, slim serum etc. I will reply fast :)

Check out my blog tomorrow if you want to know how to make a nice delicious soup for your family's health and beauty :D


Anonymous said...

lao shi, i want to comment on ur serum and moisturiser,

i findthat it is of very good quality. I have been using spa brand but i find yours better. Keep up the good work. Plus the price is very cheap. Except may be ur packaging so so la. But all the aromaoil bottle super cute and nice.

I hope uc an come out with cleanser soon, i cannot find chemical free cleanser le.

thanks alot for all ur effort. I must say also the herbal tea for runny nose . SUPER X 10


cui pei

Josephine_tan said...

Wonder how u manage ur time. I saw u at paragon yesterdya buying rosemary herbs ahahah..

U dont look like 36. And u look healthy. Hmm i am 4 years younger than u but look alot older.

Guess i must start taking those juiceu recommended .

I have tried ur lavendula vera is good.


Anonymous said...

Hmm the cartoon very cute cheer me up.
After attended ur workshop on 1st Jan, i find that my life is more meaningful now.

I wonder do u wan to have tu di.

The oil is really very good quality, have been using aroma for 3 years. This is the best oil i ever use.

But got one problem la, u need more assistant, takes long time lately for u to reply my mail wor.


Anonymous said...

Hi all

Whoever has order products from Bryan Lao Shi, pls understand that he's only (OMO)One-Man-Operate business, kindly give him some time, do not compaint he is slow. If he is going to get assistant, the prodcuts will higher price, this is what we dont want right?

Those did not receive his products, kindly sms or email, he will be v helpfuly & willingly to check for you.

A Supportor

Anonymous said...

i think ur fans oso cant wait 2 use ur products ..

eventually, both parties will come 2 a compromise.

harmony and peace!

eloise sim said...

Hi Bryan,

I look forward to log into your 1 page website on all your products... I am very keen to try your other products, but dunno which is more suitable for me and how to use them..

I am using your serum for nite apply, and it is really give me a clear and refeshing feeling every morning.. only that I still get pimples, hahaha.... Anyway, Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Yeah love ur serum, bryan have 2 types, i using the antiage one because my skins sensitive. Is really cool and nice skin texture after a few days. hahaha

thanks bryan lao shi

Anonymous said...

its alright