Sunday, January 20, 2008

FS talk - Back by popular demand

Hello. Due to the overwhelming requests, I will organise another round of Fengshui talk on 1st Feb 2008 7pm to 9pm.
Register fast as there's only 40 seats available.
This workshop is $8 not $18 because is not organised by club house.
Topics includes:
* 5 elements balance
* Fly star 2008 to your house to `bring good luck
* How to avoid illness and violent star
* Steps to better luck with TaiSui
* 2008 a year of where & how fortune can be made.
* Remedies to protect your family and loved ones
* Remedies to avoid gossips and politics
* How to have motivation at work and improve human to
human relationship.

To register, drop me an email at Check out details at the right hand side column.

For more FS tips visit,

"Bryan, I am not easily convinced by a young man like you, as I've attended many fengshui talk every year. I was quite doubtful when I entered the class. I never know who you are.
To my surprise, you are indeed someone that delivers quality talk and you are not selfish to share all secrets on fengshui and simplify seamlessly about FS. You even teach acupressure to prevent illness star 2008. I strongly rate your workshop as one of the top Fengshui workshop in Singapore
Mdm Seah in her 50s (permission granted to post her comment)


ah_ken said...

Mdm Seah 慧眼识英雄!


Anonymous said...

ok..based on mdm seah comments, i shall try n judge for myself..where will the class be held n how much per head ?


sallyneo said...

Hi Faye, i have attended bryan laoshi many workshop and i think he put in alotof effort, And you shouldnot use the word judge, i mean this nice guy giving a workshop wholeheartedly and people enjoying, why not just attend with a normal heart rather than JUDGE
if u judge than dont come, u are not going to enjoy.

darren said...

Judge: a person qualified to pass a critical judgment.
: to pass legal judgment on; pass sentence on (a person):

So if a speaker see the word judge how would he feel. Spare a thought for bryan lao shi. He is a consultant for many big players in singapore but he never boast about it or mention.

Lao shi jia you, love all ur seminar. Last saturday morning workshop was a perfect one. You are unique. I think those attended your workshop before know.


ah-ken said...


bryan laoshi will convince u ..


Anonymous said...

hi sally n darren,
perphaps the word 'judge' is used inappropriately.
sori i did not look up in the dictionary for the actual meaning becos I really don meant it in that sense.
i apologise to bryan laoshi if i sounded offensive.
tks KEN, i shall attend the talk.


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi, just to share with u, the previous post on the herbs for running nose and headache in morning was very effective. TWO THUMBS up, just $1 twice and my one week of sneezy nose and white phlegm stop.

The peppermint and lemon oil is extremely useful for flu and first sign of cold. I urge everyone to try if not feeling one.
Is really effective. U can get peppermint from health shop and lemon from health shop, make sure is fresh and lemon should smell abit sweet.

If not u can order from Bryan lao shi but need one week. But worth the waiting.

I used to get from Orchard Taka, but lately i find the oil price has increased like geranium is $90 sigh.

Plus bryan lao shi the eye gel u share with us, the shopis selling now $75 instead of $70 le
:O gina

Anonymous said...

Best day moisturiser, makeup seat in seamlessly. Never attend ur workshop before no comments.
But i loveur blog, best blog i ever read.

thanks bryan

rose ang

kal said...

hi bryan,

appreciate if you could send out the items we order asap, payment has been made more than a week.


*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi Kal so sorry , is no excuse for me to deliver slow, i am packing now, sorry for delay, kal can call me if i left u out.

Hi all, orders will be within 7 days now, as all items has arrived. Today i woke up 5am to pack. All completed le
. Sent out.

Sorry again all, plus email i left 87 , will complete reply by tonite.

bryan lao shi

*Bryan Gan* said...

hi all, one more time, since last time , all who orders things for me , only pay me when items received.

Oh Kal, u make payment first , i confuse now, please call me today thanks. Apologise again
I want to make sure i send out all today and not left out any.

Thank you.


tayeelee said...

Yeah lao shi lately takes a week to deliver items, my orders take 10days. But i took a week to make payment ahahha.

Lao shi i think u need an assistant. If not you will create a list of unhappy customers.....

But again those who attend your workshop like me is ok ahahahha...


Jessie Soh said...

Kal, Bryan Laoshi's practise is, pay only after u receive the items. It has always been like that. So perhaps there must be some miscomm here. Be patient, Laoshi will work on your orders and send out soonest. U know he's a super busy person and he usually takes about 7-10 days to have items packed, and mail out.

Anonymous said...

The day lite hydrator moisturiser is very good. My make up really seat in nicely.

Hmmm good product , may be laoshi ur next step is to improve the packaging to a new level ....

Doreen choo

Anonymous said...

Good show last saturday at civil service club, never know who you are until that day, and now i am reading your blog.

Alot of hard work. Thanks.

mei lin

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, ur own blend of 5 element oil is really good. Can u reveal the ingredients.

Is refreshing and really effective too to drive off moisquito...



Anonymous said...

I attended Bryan lao shi's feng shui workshop last sat and is the best I have attended. Bryan lao shi got a lot tips to share.

All thanks to Bryan Lao shi's wealth bowl, I gotten a promotion last year after a long wait of 7 years.

I fully agree to Mdm Seah's comments. Suat Lay

Anonymous said...

Best workshop in Singapore on beauty and health. And now u have made a new record on fengshui. Lao shi you are so well rounded. Thanks for ur help and advise too. My sinus has improved alot and really really appreciate ur effort.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan Laoshi,
Do you need any assistant ?


Anonymous said...

Is the fs talk conduct in chinese or english ?


Anonymous said...

the talk is in english, cool man, and fun. Attended last week. I never misshis talk for past 3 years.

So far "zun" man.