Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beauty Noodle Dry -- for Busy Bee

Hi all. Most of you know that my mom teaches cooking. During Chinese New Year, we tend to eat a lot of "heavy" stuff. So usually on the third day of CNY, she will prepare this noodle for us. Good for digestion, skin and hair. I have replaced the cooking oil to ricebran oil now.

Ingredients: Dry Mee Sua 180gram, 2 tablespoons rice bran oil, 1 teaspoons black sesame(roasted ones), half teaspoon garlic(Grind to small pieces), 3 tablespoons water and Parsley.


  1. Boil water. Add Mee Sua cook a while. It will not taste nice if cook too long. Drain dry.
  2. Pour in the above mixture(oil, sesame etc). Wow a very simple, delicious & nuitritious dish with ricebran oil and black sesame. It helps to nourish our lung, kidney, improve digestion and black sesame helps to drain the acne toxic from skin.

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Xueli said...

Bryan laoshi

Your recipe is simple & easy to cook but the mee sua looks fresh and delicious, i also want try to cook, i think my kids will like too.

Thanks for sharing

bryanlaoshi said...

Yeah the mee sua, so delicious i love it. But today i going make Hua san porridge over work. Need energy ahaha.

thanks xue li, u all can be creative and add other things.

Anonymous said...

Lao shi i love the day hydrator and nite cream. One month using le, really see great improvement.

thanks for your help.

hong li

Anonymous said...

Bryan laoshi,
Looking at the mee sua, make me hungry must try it. thanks laoshi.
Please kindly teach me how to cook Hua San porridge? I must have miss it during your talk on radio.

thank you..:D

Xueli said...

Bryan laoshi

yalor, i heard of 华山派, but whats Hua San Porridge?
Really sound like something that bring energy...
Please advise, Thanks

Anonymous said...

I understand u have a few tpyes of oil; may i know which type is more suitable for age of 49? I have combination skin and wrinkles around my eyes too.
Hope to hear from u soon.

Thank You :D

bryanlaoshi said...

ahaha this mee sua hor , make me so hungry too.... . For for ur skin i suggest two items the antiage serum follow by collagen cream. U need to drink more herbal nourish tea like white fungus.

U need to ask doctor whether u can take vitamin B complex with C.
Plus fish oil.

Porride did i teach huashan porridge hmmmm? i cannot remember de


Anonymous said...

Love to visitur blog every monring beforework. Is very informativeand cool.

I have been using the grapefruitpink and rose geranium facial steaming taught in the class. Is a good method to destress and tone my skin.


Wendy toh

Anonymous said...

Bryan laoshi,
Is huashan the same as Shan Yao porridge? I read yr blog dated September 10, 2007, you mention will share this Shan Yao porridge at FM972. I missed.
Please advice as whatever you teach is all good to everyone.
Thank you.:D

Wendy Toh,
Laoshi also taught rose geranium and grapefruit pink or lavendula vera for body moisturizer. Excellent moisturizer i ever had.
You can try.

Anonymous said...

Lao shi bring some mee shua for tonight fengshui talk ,. don,t forget.....thank you in advance.

sandra said...


hello bryan lao shi, may i know whats Parsley? u used it in ur mee sua as 1 of the ingredients. and black sesame where can get the roasted one? what it means? can i use black sesame powder instead?

A 25yr girl who don know how to cook =P