Friday, February 1, 2008

GoodLuck screen saver

I have requested my Art Director Mr Edric Hsu, a Reiki Qi Gong level 3, to design something for screen saver or mobile phone screen saver for 2008. This year according to five elements, we lacked of metal and fire, so we have this color combination and 5 elements coin to fight illness star hhhahahah. And also to increase our Gui Ren and wealth luck, we need to have Ox and Dragon. This picture is for all of you and may good luck and health goes to you. The High resolution for printing is
You can hang at home or office table to bring happiness. This picture takes days to design and draw so hope you will like it. Let's say these three words when visit this blog: " Heng ah, Huat ah, Health ah" Imagine the hit rate for this blog can go up to 1000 per day. So its very very Good Luck :D


Anonymous said...

Wow so interesting picture and i am going to bluetooth to my mobile.

Thanks and wish u have a prosperous year.


Anonymous said...


Can u teach me how to bluetooth to mobile?


Anonymous said...

Wow laoshi, is a cool picture, i have bluetooth to my mobile ahahha and send out to many friends.

Oh Karen to blueooth, ur computer must have the bluetooth function. Turn it on and send to ur mobile with bluetooth on.


Anonymous said...

lao shi, i got ur Fu dai and serum

The fudai can be seen is ur creation different from outside. Is really nice and good quality. My daughter love it and when hang beside her bed she sleep so well.

May be is psychological effect. But thanks alot.

Love ur picture and really bring happiness to my office.


Anonymous said...

Very nice picture, Lao Shi! I'll put it on my computer wallpaper for god luck! Hehe!

Thank you, and wish you and your family and friends a wonderful and auspicious Rat Year ahead!


Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant for "good luck"!! Typo! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Serina, so bad that my computer don't have that function.


Anonymous said...

ahha today i attend class and thanks to bryan laoshi u bluetooth to many of us ahhahaa

thanks again

ur class is full of surprises and i am convinced that today is a best fengshui class i ever attend. Is really in depth.

thanks alot


Anonymous said...

Maureen agreed with u. I was amazed throughout the session and keep laughing.

Flying star is really easy to understand thanks bryan.

hansiang_happy said...

Your workshop is state of an art. Unique, accurate , fun. You study well the tradition of chinese custom and fengshui. U successfully translate all chinese tradition to English and simplify it where all can understand.

I used to attend a 3 days flying star class, but your simple diagram tells all.

And thank you for making this wonderful fu dai. Love it.

Han siang

Anonymous said...

Having back pain for manyyears, ur 3 oil method really effective.

thanks alot bryan lao shi
bee choo

Anonymous said...

2 dragons not enaff
must have 9 dragons according 2 lilian too.

golden somemore.