Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bryan 5 elements health, Slimming and beauty exercise class

Good morning! A piece of happy news to announce this morning. Thanks to Miss Chan. I am very lucky to be able to book a studio for this exercise class. NICE studio with mirrors. This upcoming exercise class will be held at Toa Payoh Safra on 16 Feb 2008 and 23rd Feb 2007 2pm to 3.30pm (2 saturdays). Fees per person for this course is $30. The 3 hours of training can be clocked into my SDF WDA certification course.

Folks, this is the right time to come for this exercise class :D It will help you to burn off the extra calories that you gain from all the kueh tarts & yummy CNY goodies!

You will learn some acupressure techniques, hand reflexology, simple body movements, slimming stomach massage, Dance , laughing therapy and more.... surprises.... .

Drop me an email at to register. Kindly indicate the subject title as Bryan's exercise class. Include your name and mobile number ok.


Anonymous said...

hurray, my cousin attended this exercise class and her tummy flatter and now she always boost that she perform hand reflex every monring and yeah her skin and sleep were beter.

I first one register, got free gifts?


Anonymous said...

Belinda, i have attended this exercise class, he gives more than what is normal people give. Should not ask for free gifts. Is a kind of class that balance body mind and emotion. Is very thereupectic.

Anonymous said...

Lao shi exercise class was conducted in our ITE retreat. Is an eye opener, thank you for sharing with us. I love it.


Anonymous said...

非一般的老师,很开心又可以上你的课了.My backache has recovered due to your recommendation.

Keep up the good work. You are really hardworking, call one by one to confirm our attendance.

I am proud to be ur student.


Anonymous said...


Can somebody advise me how to reach Toa Payoh Safra?


Anonymous said...

Lao shi, i have been using ur moisturiser for 2 months, is really good. I share with my daughter. And now is almost finished. Can i come down on Friday and get?


Anonymous said...

Dear lao shi heard ur radio today, sigh is last day. I miss ur voice and your funny way of introducing health news. Is the best and very very useful

thank you.


Anonymous said...

Lao shi, i love the 3 oil method to overcome body ache thanks alot.

Hope u will introduce more soup receipe here

june ang

Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi iwant to come down andbuy the slimming serum, is really effective to combine withtummy massage , my stomach has gone done abit , thanks alot for ur information sharing

mei hui

Mommy Mash said...

the class sounds interesting...can really help to slim down? i given birth n my bulging tummy still depressing..
how do i join the class har?

Anonymous said...

Hi mommy mash , i attended the class..... slim down is thru diet. Bryan lao shi focus this class on body balance and wellness. There is a 10mins stomach massage to help reduce fats and water retention.

I think should notmistaken as slimming class. Is good. I feel energetic now after doing the handreflex

mary soh

Anonymous said...

Hi laoshi, i am convinced with your method on anti age, first u dont look like your age. Secondly
i have performed facial steaming and it really feels good and my black heads can be extracted so easily.
thank you for your effort. Two hours ur classseems too short.

Mommy Mash said...

Hi mary,

thanks for long as i can lose weight, i am interest to know..whahaa...
the stomach massage got me very interested!

will this class be the same as what everyone attended and talks about?