Thursday, January 10, 2008

Iweekly and Me

Have you get a copy of this week i-weekly? This week I talk about acupressure for constipation. Hmmm....this issue also reveal my real age.....Time wait for no man...I am 36 already but still look young. thick skin of me :p Remember to grab a copy of i-weekly ok. Look out every week for acupressure and receipe in iweekly.


Anonymous said...

lao shi, keep up the good work. Even media independently mentioned ur workshop. It must be very good. I am looking forward to attend ur exercise course this feb.

A recommendation, may be u should collect fees first for the exercise class before date of commencement becauseis a practice outside market and u wont stress whether people will turn out.

Also i love ur aroma oil is so fresh and really fresh.

keepup the good work

sallyneo said...

Wonder you can conduct part 2 workshop on sat. Heheheh i work 5 days a week and till late. Thank you.

Have attended your part one once at CSC, was extremely excited till now. PLease lao shi do conduct once on weekends again.

Oh my hair has become so smooth now using the wooden comb method thanks alot


Xueli said...

Hi Bryan 老师

Awaiting for your sweet making,candle making & soap making course, sounds interesting leh! can learn new things again. Dont forget to inform us,ok!

Also visited your bryanverygoodluck blog many times, very interesting too!
Had also registered for the Get Prosperous Rat Year talk. See u then,take care


Anonymous said...

Hope u have the moisturiser tonite lao shi, i need to buy.

I have faith in your products because the the lavendula vera i am using really put me to deep sleep.

Thank you very much

may yee

Anonymous said...

Our company recreation club will call u to organise a staff retreat, I heard from ministry of foreign affairs that u have given a good one last year.



Anonymous said...

I was asked by a spa to check your moisturiser, they say u spoilt market selling it at $55. Because spa collagen cream is around $200

I dare to tell you now because i have resigned from the spa.

Laoshi keepup the good work. I understand you faced alot of jealousy eyes from compeititors. Dont bother, thats why u look young.

K. said...

The "spa" you should not do this kind of things. Bryan lao shi have few thousands of supporters. Anything he introduce it will be selling good. And he is very independent and dont side on people. If you think ur spa is good, you should approach him and introduce your services. May be he can recommend to us.

Cant belief this happen. Lao shi Tree big attract more wind. But i always see u in temple hahaha so you should be fine.


Anonymous said...

Congrats and best workshop i ever attended. Saw your news in Germany too. Will do a paper cutting and scan for you.

International u are and proud of u.


Anonymous said...

just attended ur workshop
IT WAS GREAT i didnt fall asleep.

thanks so much
luckily i come


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bryan Laoshi

i was lucky to be one of them to come to tonight class.This workshop really enlightened me and my friend alot about ur unique style of conducting a workshop.and ur lively..well done

I got purchase the grapefruit pink to use and it was great...really very fresh and lets me calm dwn alot...thanks a lot..nw can sleep well evry night liao..cheers....


Jennifer_yip said...

Best workshop, and really best workshop. I am jennifer working in NUS, stress all the time, when i enter the class ithought is another sales talk. I must apologise after attending ur class , i reprimand myself for being so narrow thinking. Ur oil is really good and i know is almost wholesale price for us. And this $5 class is your extra ECA, no one in Singapore will spend time to order oil by fedex from different country like u , fresh , and pamper us. Why i say i trust u because the oil lavendula smell great and yesterday i sleep so so well.

I must tell you here because i feel bad to think otherwise in beginning of class.

Your charm and you passion warm our hearts. Did u see 100 people in the class laugh with u.

Thanks alot

Anonymous said...

U re a blessed boy. I mean man considering 36. Iam shocked, you are 36? You look like 25

Keep it up. We will always support u.

celeste ong

ah-ken said...

keep it up

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Wondering if you can touch on topic for eyes. How to take good care on our over tired eyes esp for OL who face computer almost 8 hours a day. Or even reverse short-sightedness, if possible (not mentioning LASIK). I think this is quite important too 2 out of 3 sporeans wear "SPECTACLES".


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

I've been hoping to learn candle and soap making. Can you pls quickly conduct the workshop? I can't wait. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've just bought your haircare product. You said to comb 10-30 times a day. How should I comb my hair? From back to front? From front to back? Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

ahhha i am KPO,

is to comb from front to back.

Anonymous said...

hello, anyone know where can i buy the Ricola(original flavour)? i can only find 'sugar free' type, tks.


Anonymous said...

Original ricola, can be found in NTUC