Thursday, January 17, 2008

Funny Weather --- Remedies

Hihi. I am now busy preparing for my upcoming 5 elements exercise class. Those who have registered, please remember to make payment by this Sunday ok.

The weather has turned cold and lately, the weather is kind of unpredictable...suddenly warm and suddenly cold again. This had affected many of us. Many woke up with puffy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and white color phelgm. The 5 elements of our body are affected.

Aromatherapy effective method: 1 drop peppermint , 1 drop lemon on tissue paper and inhale throughout the day. This is very effective to stop the sneezing, morning headache and weakness. Peppermint and lemon remove wind, damp energy, blood circulation and stop flu virus.
Herbal Tea Ingredients: Sang1 Ye(Top) Fang, Feng(Left),Jin Jie(RIGHT), ask the medical hall to mix these 3 ingredients together for a dollar. Wash all and put in 800ml water. Boil with big fire for 5 mins and small fire for 20 mins. Drink while its warm
This recipe works very well for my family. Very effective for morning coldness, headache and sneezing. This is my recipe and its just for sharing only. Remember to seek professional help if you fall sick.
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pby said...

hi bryan,

know u r busy, appreciate if you could reply to us who email you to order things or send things faster. thanks alot.

bryan_lao_shi said...

Hi all, sorry for the delay,i am trying to email very fast le, need to clear at the moment 120 email more, sorry for that. I will definitely improve on these.

By this week will clear all who email me the orders before 10 Jan 2008.

Sorry pby.

Anonymous said...

Oh pby , i agreed lately bryan lao shi reply slow, his email sometimes jam and bounce back, but if u send him an email he didnt reply in a weeks, means he never get it, u can send again.

That time mine never reply, so i send again, to my surprise he called me and clarify order list.

Geraldine tan

Anonymous said...

Dear lao shi, i love ur workshop last friday, my back pain is better now, thanks for calling me early in the morning.

Oh i wonder can u conduct a wrokshop for a group of my friends of 8 person at my house?

I just send u an email. Thank you.

Keepup the great work, u have help many people and i am very grateful to know u.

Will attend your exercise class, see u in Feb and happy CNY.

Felicia (aunty which bring 2 of my son to ur class that day)

Anonymous said...

Lao shi this is the best blog i can find in internet. I triedthe insomnia soup and hand bath with lavendula and grapefruit. My sleep is so much better now.

thanks. May all angels surround u with love .


Anonymous said...

I am very grateful to u laoshi,

my skin texture have improved after 1 week of using the serum and moisturiser. Even my Jean yip beautician say that

thank you

jin feng

Anonymous said...

Like i say, ur blog is really informative, bryan u should tie up with some commercial brand so they can pay u for advertising theirthings here....
But must be truthful la
very good moisturiser i using the day hydrator, thanks

mei yi

Anonymous said...

wonder u need someone tohelp u to reply email, my daughter is workingis studying and needed part time job, do let me know lao shi

Anonymous said...

Lao shi thanks for introducing the chinese doctor in ur blog, i used to go a branded one and spend alot money, this one u intro is a professor and he is so good and i only pay $50 with acu and medicine and is very effective for my health

thanks. Oh serum best i save $100 over dollars i use to use the Pxx brand one and cost me $197 for a 30ml, now i can save more money and take cab ahahha