Monday, January 14, 2008

米保养---不老变可能了--- Rice ancient beauty secret

Hi all! I am so excited to share with you another beauty news. Please note the content in this blog is for your knowledge only. It does not mean you must buy whatever I introduce.

Japanese are the first to make use of rice for beauty. During winter time, they will use rice water to wash their body to prevent dryness. Today, scientists have finally discovered the complicated DNA of rice. Actually there are many aunties who uses rice water to wash their face!
Those who saw my skin for the second time in my workshop last friday, commented that my skin is even more flawless now. Hahahahaaa....Thats because I used rice water to wash my face. At times, I will also use ricebran oil to massage my body.

Procedure of using rice water : Will be in next issue i-weekly, or stay tune to my blog next week.

Bryan Lao Shi's Rice Oil for baby smooth skin ( $45 for 90ml)
Ricebran is becoming a popular carrier oil. It is rich in vitamin E, readily absorbed by the skin and it is extremely gentle. It has a high level of the antioxidants gammaoryzanol and tocotrienols (vitamin E), both of which contribute to the oil’s stability.

New and nourishing - a powerful skin protectant, rich in gamma-oryzanol, which replenish your skin. Rich in phytosterols can be an effective substitute for lanolin and can help reduce inflammation and soothe discomfort.

All my face moisturisers contains rice oil. This morning, I received 4 calls telling me that my face collagen nite cream and day hydrator works well for them. wonder lor :> Thank you for the precious feedback.

3 bottles of 10ml free ricebran oil to be given away to the first 3 persons who gave me the correct answer to this quiz.

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Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi, u worry too much le, just share whatever ur findings here. I am very very touched by your sincerity.

I must say the moisturiser u produce is the best moisturiser i ever tried. Need testimonial for yurself, no problem, i will write a letter to you and you can put in ur blog with my email address.


Anonymous said...

老师记得什息.你的products真的很好.你是SINGAPORE 的美容教主.




Xueli said...

Hi Bryan 老师

From young, my mum also used rice water for cleaning and watering plants.
Now, i used it to clean my face and body too, my face really feels softer & smoother, no joke!
My chilli plants also bloom with lots of chillies.

Anonymous said...

please adv how to use the rice water to clean face? do u juz use the water or with cleanser then wash off with the rice water?


Anonymous said...

bryan laoshi
do you have cleanser? i finish my old cleaner liao, want to buy yr product.


Anonymous said...

Lao shi the facial steaming is really effective for radiant skin.

Tried last week, after attended your lessons for more than 4 months.

I think i should tell everyone here, if u attended bryan's lesson before, u must try to try at least facial steaming. Many like me has been lazy. But once tried , u will know is worth the effort. less the 8 mins

julius said...

Soup for insomnia is really effective and is cheap, thanks alot.

By the way i love the lavendula and grapefruit pink for handbath

Your class really attracted from young boys girls to older generation. Thats what i call success



Anonymous said...

Bryan LaoShi

Your collagen nite cream is really excellent!


Xueli said...

Hi Jane

I dunno if you are asking me or Bryan laoshi. As for me, each time i keep back the rice water in a bottle and keep in the fridge, I used it to wash up my face after cleansing or whenever i feel like washing my face, then i feel the freshness agn. As for the proper procedure, Bryan lao shi already announced that the procedure will be in i-weekly next issue or his next post. thks

Hi Julius

i also tried the facial steaming & the footbath, really really very good!

Bryan Laoshi

Sorry for being a kaypo, hope you dun mind...thks

Anonymous said...

hi xueli,

anyway, thank u very much for your reply..


*Bryan Gan* said...

ahahha xue li ah thank you so much for answering for me

I am really thankful to those who really practice what u learn.

collagen nite cream is really amazing, receive many calls and feedbacks

thanks alot

Anonymous said...

how 2 make the rice water 2 wash my face??????
pls reply

Anonymous said...

Regarding the rice water for washing face that you are talking about, how much rice that we need to use and do we need to use tap water to wash off after we wash with the rice water... Thanks...

doreen said...

I Have bought the i-weekly however no mentioned about the usage of rice wate. Bryanlaoshi could you please guide us.


smilingeyes said...

Hihi.. Anyone knows the correct procedure of collecting the rice water, how we should go about using it to wash our face? Appreciate if you could share. Thanks