Sunday, January 13, 2008

LOVE--- Emo---RELATIONSHIP--- Part ONE (for singles)

Good morning folks! Have you done your sunday marketing already? The workshop held last Friday was truly an enjoyable session. I hope all of you had fun and pick up a few useful tips. I am so surprised and touched to receive flowers that day. Thank you very much. And also to Mdm See, Thank you for sending me flowers to my class on Friday. I am happy to know that your husband's health has improved. That's really good news!

Folks, I feel very very pampered with all your support and love. Thank you very much. I will continue to research and share. Today I want to talk about love, relationship and Emo(emtional).
Lately, I picked up a new term called "Emo" from a young boy. He asked me," Hey, do u like emo songs?" I was lost for words when he asked me. My brain started searching for this word "Emo". What's "EMO"??? Now I know "Emo" means "Emotional". Nowadays youngsters liked to use short forms a lot. We really need to keep ourselves updated to prevent generation gap!

The new year has just began and according to statistical studies, many break ups happened during this period of time. Like wise, I also received many emails asking me how to overcome sadness, depression, heartpain and sleepless nites during breakups.

Today's article is for singles....
Very often during a breakup, many people tends to approach a fortune teller or spend lots of money on other alternatives, hoping that the person you loved will come back to you once again. However, the truth hurts and no matter how painful it is, you must face it. When a person's heart is no longer with you, no matter what you do or how much you beg, they won't come back. So don't hurt yourself anymore. I guess its easy said then done. When you are in the situation, you just can't listen to what others advised. You only want to hear what you want to hear. But once you are out of it, you can see the whole picture better. Of course this is my personal view. If you are married with children, you will need to think of your children.

Most of you know I am a color crystal therapist. You can visit my new blog at to see how you can use colors and crystals to improve relationships.
Law of Attraction
There is law of gravity and there are serveral other physical laws, like physics and atoms which we don't really understand. There are also laws of cause and effect.
Some people ask me,
" Bryan why do I always attract the person of the same pattern and hurt me in the same way over and over again?"

I believed when we give a thought or say something, it somehow goes out from us into our state of mind and comes back to us as experience. Correlation between the mental and physical. Aiya too "chim"?
I mean in future you should not say," Aiya I can never find someone who truly love me....Aiya I always get the same type of person." By saying this, you are affirming your beliefs and you will attract people who is not your type once again!
Instead, you should say, "I am in the process of loving myself and and I will find a person who me as who I am for the highest good of all."

POWER OF WORDS aroma oil positive thinking.
Aroma oil to overcome relationship problems and Heartpain after breakups:
1. Lavendula Vera (calming , open to love again), Grapefruit Pink (positive thinking), Rosemary ( Forgiveness and cleanse away all the hurt that the person done to you).
One drop each in warm water and perform hand bath for 15mins. Inhale deeply 3 times. As you exhale, say,"I am fine. Is ok to be sad.I have learnt my lesson. I am going to recover soon. The next person I meet will be..... (list ur criterias)."
Remember a negative person falls sick more easily than positive thinking person.


ah_ken said...

luv urself 1st b4 u can luv other ppl

Anonymous said...

Bryan laoshi, you are right. Whatever happened, we have to think of our children. To me, my children come first. Think positive and tell yourself to be happy and FORGET whatever you feel sad...that happened on you.. don't let yourself being sick and unhealthy.
BE HAPPY ALWAYS. Like Bryan Laoshi said, the choice is yours....

Anonymous said...

lao shi, you are great. I think after reading ur this blog, i feel better.

I breakup during new year. Was so pain. He fall for some other girl.

Sigh, i even beg him

I tried the handbath, really effective.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

errr... i dun think emo is emotional... emo is a kind of music or trend like hippies...

Anonymous said...

ahahha, i am janet la 19 , ahaha we use the word emo in KTV for emotional song. Is out language ahahaha


Bronski said...

Wah.. Bryan has become Love Expert LaoShi!!!