Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Soup A for eyes and Tiredness

Soup for beautiful EYEs
One of mum's secret recipe to having a pair of bright twinkling eyes is this soup. It helps to overcome tired eyes, reduce eye bags and strengthen our body system . She drinks twice a week.

Just tell the uncle at the medical hall to mix both ingredients for a dollar.
内仁肉 + 枸杞子 == $1 put in 700ml water boil for 20mins.
Add 1 red date(remove seed).

Properties: 性味与归经:甘,微寒。归肝经。 功能与主治:养肝明目,疏风散热。用于目赤肿痛,睑弦赤烂,目暗羞明.

The soup is a bit cooling but it is counteracted by the wolberry and one red date.


Anonymous said...

laoshi, i read ur blog every morning without fail. I laugh from computer workstation to pantry and from pantry to toilet.

Yeah i saw that comments on the parliament.....

I love the moisturiser and serum. I find that when both use together it achieve maximum results.

li pi

Anonymous said...


Best serum i ever use. Skin texture improve alot. I think is because of the nautural ingredients.

thanks :>
would like to try the moisturiser

Anonymous said...

love ur blog, is our so updated and informative.

i wonder u have time for urself. remember to take some time off laoshi.

Yeah 3 oil method helps my back pain alot.

thank you


elaine_G said...

thanks for introducing the neroli facial oil to me, at first there are small breakout when i am doing the detox massage on face. But after a month the skin looks radiant.

thank you bryan


4d.striker said...

What is 内仁肉 in english please?

Anonymous said...

can u pls publish your blog in chinese and english?

Anonymous said...

hi. heard from the radio few days ago. you saw a place which sells `mi kang you`. can kindly post where i can get?? thx.


siao za bou said...

Halo all, bryan lao shi, update blog already frequently, do u know perform one information updates need alot of time, i hope u all can spare a thought for him. If u dont understand english, ask someone. If u dont understand chinese ask someone.

If not next time will have people ask him write tamil, malay ....

People already spend so much time to research and share with us, at least should say thank you .

See the way u all ask.... Enlish please? so unfriendly.

And 内仁肉 english is nei4 ren2 rou4. English means the long botanical name do u think peopleunderstand floraeucinapmore this kind of name

darren said...

内仁肉is very common in medical hall, just cut and paste the blog and show it to the medical hall, I just bought by printing out this page.

I tried to find 内仁肉 in internet so far cannot find english name. May be someone can help u.

Bryan lao shi thanks for your information. Oh i heard in radio about the rice bran oil, wonder where can i get it and in future if possible, have some receipe using rice bran oil.

And siao za bou, read from bryan lao shi other posting, he talks about lovingkindness so dont be angry, if not u get old easily. Also sometimes when u all ask questions, should at least say thank you or please. Lao shi dont owe u all anything.


Anonymous said...

Wow wow this blog is cool, so many arrows too.

Lets focus on lao shi materials.

bee leng

Anonymous said...

DARREN, u very cute lah..u say 内人肉 very common in medical hall,n yet u need to print it out n show..haha
some ppl jus ask for the moon..
take the initiative to ask yr friends or whoever if u don understand english or chinese.
like me, i will copy down the words n show to guy at medical hall, they will understand la..

Anonymous said...

Best workshop, Best blog, Best material. Best moisturiser, BEST SERUM

BEST personality. Best looking man in wholistic therapist so far.

Thank you bryan

T.G. (SGH) thanks for coming SGH and bring so much happiness to us.

Anonymous said...

hi bryan,

you are a nice guy, willing to share..

however, maybe can expedite on your sending on items ..

appreciate your :)


Anonymous said...

y must u faint from 1 place to another place

so dizzy ah

*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi all, items for last batch will be post on Monday 28 Feb. As my stocks is out and coming in tomorrow. Plus the lucky crystal charm is all handmade i need time also.

As for chinese and english blog, i will try my best to have both when i have more time. One more great news as my mom currently teaching cooking class, she will have a blog herself too in chinese with all receipe.... So u all happy :>

Bryan lao shi

Xueli said...

Bryan Laoshi

I almost laugh and fell off my chair when i read the first part of your post regarding taxi and taxi uncles' business. I also heard the same story like u did, since fare rise, business is bad lo!

Happy...happy and looking forward to your mom's cooking blog..


Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi, i love the antiage serum, is really good, i will write in for you to cleo magazine and tell them about these.

Yeah must share with more female ma


Anonymous said...

Bryan lao shi,

You mention in the earlier post that the rice water detail will be publish in this weeks i-weekly, I bot the magazine but can't find the 'recipe', could it be another earlier or later issue?


*Bryan Gan* said...

Jennifer,yeah they delay the issue, i will put more rice information on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

bryan lao shi, your mother where got 60 years old. she told me she only 58 leh, this year after birthday 59.

*Bryan Gan* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
*Bryan Gan* said...

celine thanks wor for your help.

Oh my mother is rat, rat so is 59 ba i calculate is correct de, and she so nice tell u her birthday ah, so got present not... hahaha. Our house 3 rat rat my father mother and me, she chinese 60. Hmmm yeah hor should be 59 hor, but is those double lunar month one so should be 60. ahaha

Oh yesterday i whole day no answer phone sorry for some who call me, because i at seminar cannot on phone. Once i turn on i find out got 40 miss called. And sorry i no time call back one by one. u all can text me de.

xueli, when can u conduct a class for me on making the tonic drink (xiao4 Shu4)

Xueli said...

Bryan 老师

you made me laugh & almost fell off the chair again... cannot la, i conduct class, paiseh leh!
But i can email you the recipe, if you want.


4d.striker said...

May I ask what is so unfriendly about my question? I did use 'please', ok?